About Farmstead

Our mission at Farmstead is to make fresh, high-quality food accessible to everyone. We’re a new delivery-only grocer that’s re-inventing grocery from the ground up. We focus on mid-market customers (think Safeway, Kroger, etc) and offer them lower prices than stores and free delivery as part of a best-in-class grocery product experience, even in areas traditionally underserved by supermarket chains. We accomplish this by writing consumer-facing and operations orchestration code that allows us to be highly efficient relative to legacy supermarkets.

We’re headquartered in the Bay Area with a fully-remote product and engineering team.

The Role

We have a complex business that requires strong attention to detail - from pixel-perfect customer interfaces to bullet-proof purchasing automation. We're looking for someone who learns quickly and has an eye for detail. You care deeply about improving customer and stakeholder experiences and are eager to join a small team where you'll get to work on every part of the business.

If you were with Farmstead for the last six months, you would have helped us:

  • support a surge in demand due to COVID and build mechanisms to keep customers happy given supply chain uncertainties
  • support non-Farmstead grocery partners by scaling our system to manage tens of thousands of SKUs and store-based picking across multiple national markets
  • expand our coverage area and give our customers more choices with two hour delivery windows
  • improve operations tooling to better track inventory and streamline the pick/pack process -- helping our hundreds of team members be more efficient
  • improve driver tooling to streamline shift management, improve onboarding and manage payroll -- helping cut costs and passing savings to customers

The next six months includes some really interesting work:

  • building an experimentation platform to continually improve the onboarding and shopping experience
  • further scaling of the Grocery OS platform to support increased Farmstead hub launches and growing grocer partnerships
  • further integration with on-demand delivery platforms
  • continuing to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of our delivery routes
  • start building out a suite of native applications to further optimize warehouse operations
  • starting to design and build native mobile applications for our customers


We are a small team working primarily on a Rails codebase with a React front end and new native apps coming down the road. The ideal candidate has at least two of the following:

  • 5+ years Rails application development (for API and web clients)
  • 5+ years React development experience with strong CSS skills
  • 3+ years in a business focused on ecommerce fulfillment & logistics (ideally related to food and perishables)

with bonus points for:

  • demonstrated ability to ramp up quickly in new code bases or business areas
  • experience scaling production systems
  • experience designing APIs
  • leading technical teams


We're a fast-growing startup that values personal growth and family time. We offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Healthcare, dental, vision benefits fully paid for the employee, plus 50% covered for all dependents
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Up to 12 weeks maternity/paternity leave

If you tick all the boxes then please write to us.

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