What do you get when you cross the best of Silicon Valley innovation with the agriculture economy? Farmer’s Business Network, Inc.!

We are proudly Farmers First℠. Created by farmers, for farmers, Farmers Business Network℠ (FBN℠) is an independent and unbiased farmer-to-farmer network of thousands of American farms. By enabling thousands of farmers to work together, anonymously and securely to democratize information, the FBN network is helping farmers level the playing field and put power back in farmers’ hands.

Farmers Business Network counts top VCs including Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, DBL Partners, and Acre Venture Partners, T Rowe Price and Temasek among its investors. We are a dynamic, and innovative company in AgTech that offers competitive compensation and benefits.


This role will lead the effort to further develop the breeder network that will bring forward genetics and traits not otherwise easily available to farmers and will support FBN to be a catalyst for breeding collaborations and genomics efforts that will help breeders and that will create improved profit for farmers.


  • Coordinate and develop the breeders network, including identifying and sourcing from new sources of genetics, facilitating collaboration and managing the variety and hybrid development programs from origination to commercialization
  • Manage 3rd party support for genomics and quantitative genetics
  • Manage the introgression of traits into elite genetic backgrounds using marker assisted selection and other new breeding methodologies via 3rd party providers resulting in equal or improved phenotypes
  • Establish regulatory strategies and implement plans for first generic corn traits and new traits from collaborators.
  • Establish and manage budgets, specific to hybrid development, breeder network inbred development, trait introgressions, regulatory approvals.
  • Create and implement on new insights and novel approaches to better facilitate an industry leading portfolio of seed products
  • Other activities as necessary in the start-up environment of FBN to deliver on the financial objectives for the seeds portfolio


  • Experience with managing seeds development and research is required, including breeding and testing process and requirements
  • Strong understanding of genotyping and marker assisted selection methods.
  • Strong understanding of trait development timelines and breeding methods.
  • Working knowledge of genotyping/quantitative genetics
  • Ability to apply technical leadership and organizational skills to drive standardization and efficiency across product and pre-commercial development pipelines.
  • Ability to facilitate collaboration between breeding organizations and third party service providers
  • Understanding of testing environments and impact on product evaluation and line selection
  • General understanding of field, road and lab equipment utilization
  • MS or PhD in discipline specific to seeds breeding or development and minimum ten years in field research  or field research management preferred
  • Demonstrated ability in field research process management
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage and motivate staff and teams
  • Able and willing to travel up to 60%
  • Demonstrated ability to be further developed with FBN, to include relocation
  • A minimum of 15 years of experience in a role of research or development manager


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