FanDuel Group is a world-class team of brands and products all built with one goal in mind — to give fans new and innovative ways to interact with their favourite games, sports, teams, and leagues. That’s no easy task, which is why we’re so dedicated to building a winning team. And make no mistake, we are here to win, but we believe in winning right. That means we’ll never compromise when it comes to looking out for our teammates. From our many opportunities for professional development to our generous insurance and paid leave policies, we’re committed to making sure our employees get as much out of FanDuel as we ask them to give.

FanDuel Group is based in New York, with offices in California, New Jersey, Florida, Oregon and Scotland. Our brands include:

  • FanDuel — A game-changing real-money fantasy sports app

  • FanDuel Sportsbook — America’s #1 sports betting app

  • TVG — The best-in-class horse racing TV/media network and betting platform

  • FanDuel Racing — A horse racing app built for the average sports fan

  • FanDuel Casino & Betfair Casino — Fan-favorite online casino apps

  • FOXBet — A world-class betting platform and affiliate of FanDuel Group

  • PokerStars — The premier online poker product and affiliate of FanDuel Group


This role is primarily focused on enabling development of high-quality products and services within Fanduel.

Everything we do at FanDuel, we do as a team. As a Quality Engineer you’ll work with delivery teams to help facilitate the successful release of products and innovations to our customers. From the inception of the idea, all the way through getting it into the hands of our users - where appropriate you can be involved every step of the way - analysing the risk of implementation, how a new feature will fit into our existing ecosystem, how it’ll be received by users, and, of course, facilitating the shipping of quality software.

There are several technical domains in which QE operates. Depending on the skills of successful candidates there may be the opportunity to work on:

  • IOS, Android native applications

  • Web applications

  • Backend / APIs

  • All of the above!

Successful candidates should expect to have relevant experience with a broad spectrum of testing knowledge



General Day-To-Day Duties:

Testing at Fanduel lets you get involved in many different areas of test

  • Executing Tests

    • You test new software developments across mediums and their model and platform versions (e.g. mobile models, OSs, browser types).

    • You carry out exploratory testing of new software development with structured or ambiguously defined requirements (depending on domain)

    • You test components of a system (e.g. web services and API) when integrated end-to-end with clients but also tests at integration points at earliest opportunities when necessary (e.g. in cases where end to end is not ready)

  • Helping with Requirements

    • You apply common software testing heuristics and strategies in to help developers understand requirements

  • Coaching in testing

    • You use your expertise, knowledge and understanding to advise on the severity of issues relative to the system/product under test, including performance, security, or other non-functional testing types

    • You help developers to understand test coverage at unit and integration level to better target other testing efforts.

    • You advise teams of the difficulty and effort involved in testing features and providing test results.

  • Managing testing processes, initiatives or programmes

    • You develop concise yet comprehensive testing plans & summaries/evaluations for product and platform developments where appropriate.

  • Designing tests

    • You work effectively to define testable user stories, especially acceptance criteria, with business analysts, developers and stakeholders.

  • Assessing testing approaches

    • You coach and advise developers of potential risk areas in advance of development.

  • Iteratively improving testing pipelines

    • You advocate for continuous integration practices.

    • You will build automated tests or tooling, where appropriate.

    • you diagnose issues and identify fixes for failing automation tests.



  • Experience in quality advocacy, structured exploratory testing methods and an understanding of how automation can benefit the testing effort

  • Demonstrable knowledge of different technology platforms, e.g. Cloud services, Web API, Native devices (IOS/Android). etc.

  • Demonstrable experience of testing in service oriented architectures and understanding data flow through such systems

  • Able to solve problems with a programming language such Java or JavaScript

  • Experience of testing at API layers (e.g. REST)

  • Exposure to automation testing, either coding or designing tests (e.g. Cypress/Selenium)

  • Understanding of build and configuration tools such as Buildkite, Jenkins and Puppet


  • An open and collaborative team who value and respect each other

  • An autonomous environment where you are empowered to make decisions

  • A new technical challenge around every corner, we’re never short of interesting problems to solve

  • An excellent wellbeing package including, flexible working & uncapped holidays, employee assistance program, full medical, dental and optical cover and cycle to work scheme.

  • Excellent development opportunities including, 10% time, hackathons, conference attendance, online and in-office training and a preference to promote from within. 

  • A stress-free financial package inclusive of, pension, life assurance, share save scheme, and season ticket commuter loans.

We’re very proud of the company we have created and the biggest contributor to our success is our people. We strive to create an environment that allows people to bring their whole selves to work, one that promotes a healthy work/life balance and one that is dedicated to supporting the personal and professional development of its people. 

FanDuel Group is an equal opportunities employer. Diversity and inclusion in FanDuel means that we respect and value everyone as individuals. We don't tolerate bias, judgement or harassment.  Our focus is on developing employees so that they reach their full potential.

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