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 Our Mission is to Innovate & Impact


At Factory, we like to think with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our focus is to innovate and impact, and the foundation of what we do revolves around thinking collectively and acting as a team. We are motivated, passionate and not afraid to think unconventionally. The backbone of Factory is our community, as it is the people and the day-to-day interactions taking place here that enable us to thrive. Being a part of our team is not just a job; it’s an experience. Everything we do is executed in a bid to make the experiences of our members as close to perfection as possible. You will work alongside a talented, creative and young team of professionals who are always striving to obtain common goals, and willing to share their knowledge with one another. Do you have the Factory mentality? 

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Current Job Openings at Factory Berlin

Campus and Facilities Management

Customer Success

Event Management

Information Technology