We have several open positions for remote-based senior software engineers. Our requirements for remote-positions are:

  1. Working hours: at least 3 hours of daily overlap with GMT+8 Singapore 9am-6pm
  2. Full-time. No other paid clients.
  3. As an engineer: you view automated testing as a natural part of your work, and are already in a habit of testing most of your code automatically. We'll expect you to test all of it automatically here.
  4. Experienced engineers only. That means at least 5 years of professional experience as a software engineer.
  5. For remote positions we consider individual contributors only. We generally require our people-managers to be at one of our offices.
  6. Must have prior experience in working remotely.
  7. Location: you need to be based in a country with reasonable legal protections. That means:
    1. Its World Bank score for property rights protection must be at least 50. Unfortunately that excludes most of Africa.
    2. It doesn't widely censor the Internet. Russia, China, Belarus, and most of the Middle East are not eligible.


I'm an engineer considering joining ExpressVPN. What's in it for me?

In addition to the reasons for joining in ExpressVPN in general, here are some key reasons for Engineers in particular:

  1. The people. We like to think that you'll find them open and friendly, skilled and motivated, and unified by our mission to protect the privacy and security of millions of customers world-wide. We're remote-friendly. We have a mix of office-positions and remote-positions, and all teams are used to working with remote-based colleagues.
  2. Impact. Deliver with both high pace and great quality. You don't need to convince people here to invest in good engineering practices.
  3. Skill growth. We cover a broad range of engineering specialties: many aspects of high-scale cloud applications, 7 client-side operating systems, firmware, bare-metal servers for which we compile the OS (see TrustedServer), our own open-source VPN protocol Lightway, etc. No matter what your background, you're going to find someone from whom you can learn here. That makes for interesting lunch conversations.
  4. Career growth. We're lucky to be a leading company in a fast-growing industry. We're expanding the business and hiring many people, which brings many opportunities for you to evolve your role. You can rotate through teams and gain exposure to a broad range of challenges, or go into people-management. We value the individual contributor and people-management tracks equally.

What would I be responsible for?

You'd be on a team with a well-defined goal. Your team-members are other engineers, and likely a few people from other functions like product management, data analysis, and design. You and your team decide what to do to achieve your goals.

As an engineer, you're expected to:

  1. Do what's right for the company and our customers.
  2. Express requirements as code. Otherwise known as "good automated testing at all levels of the pyramid." We like TDD a lot.
  3. Design, test, build and operate software.
  4. If you're on a team that operates a service: you're also be expected to be on an on-call team, and your team is empowered to keep after-hours incidents below one per person per 3 months.
  5. Help grow your colleagues. Inspire, mentor and coach.
  6. Improve yourself. Raise your skill-levels and bring new approaches to your team.

Your success is measured by the pace and quality of the engineering solutions you deliver in your team. We define quality very broadly: it includes security, privacy, capacity, performance, reliability, cost-efficiency, etc.

What do I need to succeed?

To fit into our company:

  1. Be honest, most importantly with yourself.
  2. Be curious. Improve yourself constantly.
  3. Be open and value positive relationships with your colleagues.

We're open to hiring engineers from a broad range of backgrounds, including but not limited to:

  • Microservices
  • Cloud infrastructure, both AWS as well as bare-metal.
  • Client-side software in any operating system. We build apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Browser-Extensions, and routers/firmware.
  • Web UIs
  • Stress and performance engineering
  • Security
  • Linux system administration
  • Drivers
  • Network engineering
  • Data Engineering, Science, and Analysis
  • and more.

Sounds interesting. What's next?

Let's talk. Tell us what you're looking for in your dream job, then let's see what role would be a great fit for you.

The steps are:

  1. Get in touch using the form below.
  2. Our engineering hiring-team will look at your profile and make a decision on whether to engage with you. If you write us a cover-letter, we will respond with a personal note regardless of our decision.
  3. An in-house recruiter will set up a time to speak with you on video and prepare you for our interview process.
  4. Our interviews are then composed of:
    1. a screening call with an engineering manager
    2. usually about 4 interviews with other engineers
    3. either a homework problem-solving exercise or a live pair-programming exercise.
  5. Then offer, including meet-and-greets with more colleagues.
  6. As soon as feasible: reference checks with former managers and maybe other colleagues. Your hiring-manager will perform these calls, and we'll expect you to make the introductions. We realize that we might only be able to speak with your current manager after you've accepted our offer and resigned from your current position.

Thanks for your time, we look forward to hearing from you!

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