Our Voice of the Customer (VotC) team of UX researchers deliver actionable insights from user, consumer, market, and brand research into design, sales, marketing, brand, product, and almost every other team of the business.


We're looking for UX Researchers who can:

  • Lead UX and user research, testing, analysis, and reporting to deliver actionable insights that help teams make better informed and targeted decisions about our customers.
  • Drive consumer, market, brand equity, CSAT and NPS research to baseline brand KPI's, assess impact of marketing initiatives, and identify growth opportunities.
  • Run user research workshops to create common and shared understanding of our customers.
  • Analyse and benchmark competitor product offerings through UX analysis and heuristics evaluation.
  • Maintain our actionable insights repository through discoverable themes and tags.
  • Be the voice of the customer and promote collaboration by engaging stakeholders, and reframing business problems as research hypotheses to be refuted or validated.
  • Promote a brand that consumers trust and recognize. Align your work with our brand strategy via our global brand team.


Note: Please do not include any salary or compensation information on your resume

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