Location: Hong Kong, Singapore 

We’re looking for a world-class developer to join our team in building our Android super app. You’ll use the latest technologies and frameworks to build a modern, responsive, and high-performance application providing multiple products in the privacy and security space.

Join the Team

The Android Team provides the scaffolding for multiple products to create a super-app of privacy and security services for Android. We:

  • Build the foundations of the app into which other product units then contribute functionally.
  • Define core architecture, including guardrails, to enable multiple teams to contribute safely.
  • Build core functionality in authentication, user subscriptions, in-app purchases, local and push notifications, in-app messages, and more.
  • Configure and manage our build systems.
  • Operate our test pipelines.
  • Pick test frameworks and guide other teams on using them well.
  • Have a veto right over contributions by other teams.
  • Coordinate releases to customers, typically once every two weeks or more frequently.
  • Coordinate technical documentation.
  • Provide apps developer time and expertise on Android platforms as a service for other teams.
  • Are accountable for: Quality, Velocity, Shipping speed, and Satisfaction of other engineers with their ability to contribute to the apps.

Why we want you

As a member of this team, you will:

  • Write high-quality, well-architected, modular code that is easy to read and maintain.
  • Ensure your code, and the application as a whole, has excellent automated test coverage.
  • Ensure your code follows modern Android development practices.
  • Ensure the app has a clean, simple, and robust architecture to enable other teams to contribute code easily.
  • Ensure our application functions correctly and looks great on a wide range of Android OS versions and hardware.
  • Ensure your build and test pipelines are fast and stable.
  • Provide high-quality code reviews for your team and other contributors to the code base.
  • Lead by example and provide guidance and mentorship to other developers.
  • Provide technical insights to the Product Management team.
  • Work closely with the Design Team to design and build great UI and excellent user experience.
  • Undertake spikes, prototyping, and R&D work to investigate feasibility and de-risk complex projects.
  • Maintain an excellent velocity.
  • Write clear and comprehensive tech designs and test plans, and ensure work is broken down into accurately sized bite-sized chunks.

Requirements of the role

Please get in touch if you have the following skills or experience, we’d love to tell you more about this role and our company. 

  • Proven track record working on consumer Android applications using native frameworks.
  • Experience as a Java or Kotlin developer.
  • Excellent at writing well-architected code using design patterns such as MVC, MVVM, and MVP.
  • Excellent at writing automated test cases.
  • Experience writing thread-safe code using common threading frameworks such as RxJava or Kotlin coroutines.
  • Experience with standard software development practices such as Scrum.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Have a logical mindset and are a great problem solver.


Though not essential, we think these skills would be beneficial to have.

  • Experience working with the Android APIs.
  • Experience building “super apps.”
  • Experience building Android widgets.
  • Experience with libraries such as Dagger2, EventBus, and Constraint layout 
  • Excellent at building UI.
  • Experience in C/C++ development.
  • Solid understanding of IP networking—including both low-level sockets programming and high-level application layer programming.
  • Experience with TDD or BDD.
  • Experience writing tech designs and threat models.

What we can offer you

  • Full-time employment with flexible working hours.
  • Challenging work in a fun and collaborative environment.
  • Attractive compensation and time-off benefits.
  • Spacious open-concept and centrally located offices.
  • Financially successful and profitable company.
  • Fully stocked pantry with healthy foods and fresh fruit.
  • Team lunches and company events every quarter.
  • Multicultural teams represented by 30+ nationalities.

Note: Please upload your resume as a PDF and do not include any salary or compensation information in it.

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