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“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” - Ludwig Wittgenstein, German philosopher

“Blockchain, AI, Trust Chain™, Machine Learning, Peer-to-Peer, a payment token, hourly fees, a user-friendly monolingual editor designed for Subject Matter Experts, and a secure haven for confidential data … Exfluency™ represents a unique value proposition.” – Robert Etches, CEO Exfluency


Exfluency™ is seeking Health Care Trust Miners 

For a client operating in the Health Care sector, Exfluency™ is assembling a community of bilingual Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to enhance and trust mine translations.

The Trust Miner: Peer-to-Peer Quality Control

Any request for published quality triggers a workflow that involves the text being forwarded from the Enhancer to a Trust Miner. You, the Trust Miner, carry out a quality control and provide the Enhancer with valuable feedback. Most importantly, these quality reviews are directly reflected in the strength of the Enhancer’s Trust Chain™. The fewer the errors, the stronger the Trust Chain™ (Trust Chain™ strength is also influenced by delivery reliability).

This information then plays a central role in deciding which Enhancer is awarded first refusal for similar projects in the language combination and field of expertise in question.

As Trust Chain™ is registered on a blockchain, it becomes a de facto immutable ledger of excellence, enabling Exfluency™ to always match the best Enhancer with the right text. As such, Trust Miners play a vital role in the Exfluency™ ecosystem.

You will be helping to create the first ever blockchain-guaranteed reputations

Trust Miners are selected either from client employees with in-depth knowledge of the field of use, or by promoting the best Enhancers in the community. Trust Chain™ thereby provides true peer recognition of an Enhancer’s ability.


  • User-friendly, propriety monolingual editor
  • Set own fees; prompt payment
  • Select projects when it suits you
  • Work from anywhere – sofa, home office, coffee bar
  • Earn cryptocurrency: XFL (the Language Coin) – the more language you create, the more XFL you earn


  • A knowledge of more than one language
  • Expertise in the Health Care sector in fields such as:
  • Drug safety
    • Drug literature
    • Safety reporting
    • Discharge summaries
  • Clinical trials
    • Informed consent form
    • Regulatory
    • Protocol
    • Gastrointestinal
    • Central Nervous System
    • Internal Medicine
    • Oncology
    • Clinical trials legal
    • Drug Labelling

You have:

  • Good linguistic skills
  • A good eye for spotting translation errors in your field of expertise
  • A good knowledge of terminology usage in your field of expertise

You are:

  • Bilingual
  • Employed in the Health Care sector / Studying in the Health Care sector / Retired from the Health Care sector
  • A linguist specialising in the Health Care sector

You enjoy:

  • The buzz of being involved in new research
  • Contributing to communicating new science in your language
  • Earning additional income while acquiring new knowledge

You will liaise with:

  • The Exfluency™ Community Management team


  • Hourly rates


All enquiries should be sent to Senior Community Manager Marta Fabin at, and marked Health Care Trust Miner.


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