Evio is a pharmacy solutions startup that works with health plans to transform the medication experience for everyone: patients, providers, and the system at large.

In 2019, a group of five amazing health plans that in total serve more than 20 million members recognized that despite the miracles that medications can deliver every day, the way medications get to patients is in need of reform—rapidly rising costs and inefficient system complexities have proven detrimental to patients and the industry alike. Each company made a significant investment to establish Evio as the independent entity to lead this transformation. 

Evio will elevate the people who use medications to be the focus of all innovation, and apply real world evidence to build technology, solutions and insights. We will ensure that every patient receives the right medication for their unique situation, from the beginning, in a simple and affordable way. Achieving the quadruple aim of improved experiences and health outcomes for people, reduced costs, and clinician fulfillment is our goal. Clinical, evidence-driven drug decision making will lead everything Evio does.     

Initially, Evio will offer services to each of the five investor health plans to complement other innovative pharmacy services the health plans offer. Evio’s first priorities include: 

  • Using evidence and data from real patient experiences to ensure the right medication gets to every patient, where, when and how they need it.
  • Developing new, and enhancing existing, partnerships that leverage the innovation happening in the pharmacy and broader healthcare and analytics sectors today—to improve affordability, outcomes, and experience for patients.
  • Continuing the evolution toward value based care and enhancing outcomes based contracting in the pharmacy space, especially on high cost drugs.

Evio's Values

  • Empathy – The people our business serves always come first. We put ourselves in the shoes of the patients, clinicians, and stakeholders our solutions benefit.
  • Diversity – We are committed to fostering a culture where everyone belongs and is valued for their background, experience and insights – one that encourages diversity of ideas, and is a nurturing, trusting, and accepting place for all.
  • Adventure – We are flexible, thrive in ambiguity, fail fast, and pivot quickly to get to a better answer. We celebrate wins and pivots with equal intensity.
  • Relentless – Guided by evidence and data, we are creative, curious, and unwavering in our pursuit of challenging the status quo and each other.
  • Transparency – Just as we seek to bring transparency to the pharmacy supply chain, authenticity and integrity are core to the way we communicate. 
  • Excellence – We strive to raise the bar in all we do by hiring and developing exceptional talent and holding ourselves and our thinking to the highest standard. 


Current Job Openings


Pharmacy Data Analyst
Denver (Remote)
Pharmacy Trade Analyst
Denver (Remote)


HEOR/RWE Specialist
Denver (Remote)




Data Engineer
Denver (Remote)