Epic Bio

Founded in 2018, Epic Bio is building the world’s leading platform for precision genetic regulation to address serious diseases with little to no available treatments. Our GEMS (Gene Expression Modulation System) platform enables the design of medicines that flexibly, precisely and reversibly modify gene expression, a potential that drug developers have long sought to achieve but which today’s approaches fall short of accomplishing.

We are based on the science of our founder, Stanley Qi, one of the co-inventors of the original Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR patents and is a recognized global leader in the field of genetic regulation using the CRISPR-Cas architecture. Dr. Qi furthered the technology so that DNA does not need to be cut to accomplish precise gene regulation. 

So, if joining a high-performing, incredibly fun, and creative team sounds like something you'd love, take a look through our current openings. We're always looking for amazing talent and we'd love to chat. 

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