Ephemeral is creating a world of limitless self-expression, where every body is a canvas. This is all possible due to our proprietary made-to-fade tattoo (developed over 6 years by Chemical Engineers), our owned and operated studios and our investment in building a beloved brand. We value ownership, fearlessness, creativity and diversity of thought. Read more about us at Fast Company and Forbes

To help achieve our vision, we’re looking for a process-oriented, empathetic, and fast moving Artist Recruiter. This position requires the ability to manage a high volume recruiting pipeline, and will be responsible for executing scalable processes for fast national growth with an aggressive artist per year hiring plan. This role is critical in ensuring that we can scale faster than any other tattoo brand in history

This role will report directly to our Artist Recruitment Manager.



Execute the upper funnel of Ephemeral’s artist acquisition program to support the growth of Ephemeral’s studio fleet from 1 to 20 by 2023 and ensure we can fill a new studio at a moment’s notice.



  • Sourcing: Source artists in different geographies via platforms such as IG and Yelp and maintain a database in Google Sheets. As you get the hang of the job, you’ll also evaluate and execute different channels of sourcing artists to ensure we are scalably reaching every artist in a given geography
  • Outreach: Reach out to artists via IG and build a text-first relationship to move them through the hiring process while building brand love and rapport.
  • Artist Calls: Be the first live touchpoint with an artist on phone screens. You’ll need to be comfortable handling tough conversations and turning skeptics into believers.

  • Process Improvement: Measure and continuously improve outreach process to improve conversion and hiring times for tattoo artists via daily and weekly reports 
  • Team Support: Collaborate with Artist Recruitment Manager and Co-Founder on all artist activities to ensure we are acquiring, motivating, and retaining top artists


  • Empathetic to Tattooers: You have an understanding of the tattoo community and can genuinely empathize with tattoo artists. Even though this is high volume outreach, it’s human first.

  • Can Reach Anyone: Can slide into anyone’s DMs and not only get a timely response, but also get them on the phone and engaged.

  • Organized & Process-Oriented: We’re currently in google sheets and running a manual process. You’ll also be maintaining a database of tattoo artists; communicating through DM, email, text, and phone calls; and updating process documentation to make sure we’re always on the top of our game. Process is your middle name.

  • Adaptable and Fast Moving: You operate with a sense of urgency and have an ability to pivot and adapt in a fast paced, changing environment.

  • Inspiring & Captivating: You’ll be the first touch-point in a process that inspires artists to join a paradigm shifting brand and can represent that well.

  • Persistent & Resilient: There will be a lot of no’s. You’ll be reaching out to 100s of artists to source and enroll the handful that we’ll work with. You are comfortable with rejection and can stay calm when handling objections. .


  • 2-3 years in sales or talent acquisition 
  • You know the grind of top of funnel sales and talent acquisition and are not afraid of it
  • Have experienced growth and scale 
  • Worked at an early stage, fast moving, small team 
  • Experience and comfort working with an ATS / CRM

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