Ephemeral is creating a world of limitless self-expression, where every body is a canvas. This is all possible due to our proprietary made-to-fade tattoo (developed over 6 years by Chemical Engineers), our owned and operated studios and our investment in building a beloved brand. We value ownership, fearlessness, creativity and diversity of thought. Read more about us at Fast Company and Forbes

To help achieve our vision, we are looking for a forward thinking VP of People to help foster an organizational culture that prioritizes community, development and engagement. As the world’s first employer of tattoo artists and with a distributed organization expected to be in the thousands, this leader understands that culture starts in the frontlines and is created through practice, not policy. 

This role will be primarily accountable for strategies to promote DEI, leadership development and scalable hiring practices. In addition, this role will operationalize best practices around onboarding, engagement programs and compensation planning. 

While this role will report directly to the CEO, it will be a peer and a resource to every member of the executive team. 

Responsibilities will include:

  • Creating an employee engagement strategy that fosters organizational accountability to employee satisfaction and retention. 
  • Developing and maintaining a DEI strategy that pays more than lip service to the cause, but integrates DEI authentically into the fabric of our operating model. 
  • Enabling a recruitment model that can be executed and owned by functional leaders. 
  • Instilling an organizational growth mindset that prioritizes leadership development (both at the executive and field levels) and ongoing learning. 
  • Establishing and teaching best practices in performance management.
  • Informing, engaging, and deploying core HR initiatives
  • Championing leadership principles and cultural values in direct partnership with the CEO. 

Candidates must:

  • Thrive in a fast-paced, high growth environment with a proven track record in building and running People programs at large and small companies with field employees and diverse employee types. 
  • Have a minimum 10 years of experience across multiple People functions with at least 5 years in a Senior Leadership role. 
  • Experience in leadership/ executive coaching and development. 
  • Demonstrate ability to manage a direct team as well as collaborate with  indirect stakeholders in support of an organization’s strategy. 
  • Possess a track record of innovation and ambitious vision. 
  • Be persuasive in high-stakes sales situations where the VP People can influence peers to adopt a new solution that produces high ROI.

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