Current Job Openings at Stripe


ABPs (Planning Org)

ABPs (Planning Group)

6220 Executive Operations

Capital Markets (Treasury & IR) (Planning Org)

Treasury (Planning Group)

6410 Treasury Finance

Communications (Planning Org)

Communications (Planning Group)

2411 Communications

Controllership (Planning Org)

Controllership (Planning Group)

4202 SDC - FinOps

4203 SDC - Accounting

6420 Accounting

Controller, Brazil
São Paulo, BR
Corporate and M&A Accounting
San Francisco; Seattle
Policy & Technical Accounting
Seattle, South San Francisco, New York, or Remote

6425 Finance Operations

Strategic Sourcing Manager
SF, SEA, CHI, NYC, Remote (US)

6480 Internal Audit

Internal Audit, Head of Pillar - Finance & Operations
San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, or Remote

Corporate Security (Planning Org)

Corporate Security (Planning Group)

6390 Corporate Security

Finance & Strategy (Planning Org)

Corp F&S (Planning Group)

6441 Corporate F&S

GTM F&S (Planning Group)

6443 GTM F&S

GTM Finance & Strategy, Head of Marketing & Growth
New York, San Francisco, Seattle, or Remote

Pricing F&S (Planning Group)

6447 Product Pricing

Product Pricing Strategist
SF, SEA, CHI, NYC, Remote (US)

Frontier Climate (Planning Org)

Frontier Climate (Planning Group)

6211 Frontier Climate

Global Partnerships (Planning Org)

Global Partnerships (Planning Group)

3510 Global Partnerships

3511 Financial Services Partnerships

3512 RFA, P&E, and Connectors Partnerships

3513 Stripe Network Partnerships

Legal (Planning Org)

Commercial Legal (Planning Group)

6320 Commercial Legal

Commercial Counsel

Data Protection & Privacy (Planning Group)

6311 Data Protection & Privacy

Global Compliance (Planning Group)

3310 Global Compliance

3311 Financial Crimes

Financial Crimes Policy Manager
US-Remote, NY, SF, SEA

3312 Global Compliance

US Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Litigation (Planning Group)

6380 Litigation

Product & Partnering Legal (Planning Group)

6360 Product & Partnering Legal

Operations (Planning Org)

Core Operations (Planning Group)

4112 Core Operations

Operations Enablement (Planning Group)

4114 Operations Strategy & Analytics

Business Partner Analyst
Dublin, Ireland

4115 Operations Platform

Product Enablement Ops (Planning Group)

8526 Product Experience Operations

Product Support & Operations (Planning Group)

4111 Vendor Delivery

Vendor Manager

4130 Paid Support

Technical Account Manager
Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, or US Remote

Risk Operations (Planning Group)

3110 Risk Operations

Payments Fraud Investigator
Seattle, SF, NY, CHI, US-Remote

Stripe Delivery Centers - Ops (Planning Group)

4126 SDC - Financial Crimes - DNU

Business Partner Analyst
Bengaluru, India

4128 SDC - Product Support

4129 SDC - Risk Operations

Risk Analyst
Mexico City

4131 SDC - Central

4132 SDC - TaxJar Operations

4135 SDC - Marketing Ops

4137 SDC - LLG

4138 SDC - Tech Ops

Data Analyst
Mexico City, Mexico
Payments Analyst
Bengaluru, India

People (Planning Org)

People Operations & Analytics (Planning Group)

6510 People Operations

People Partners (Planning Group)

6550 People Partners

Recruiting (Planning Group)

6526 University Recruiting

SDC - People (Planning Group)

6514 SDC - People

Total Rewards (Planning Group)

6531 Compensation

Compensation Partner

6533 Global Mobility

Product Risk Mgmt & Strategy (Planning Org)

Risk Partner Strategy (Planning Group)

3133 Risk Partner Strategy

Risk Partner Manager, EMEA
Dublin or London

Risk Product Strategy (Planning Group)

3132 Risk Product Strategy

Risk & Reward (Planning Group)

3130 Risk & Reward

Credit Risk Strategist, EMEA
London or Dublin

Risk User Strategy (Planning Group)

3131 Risk User Strategy

Risk User Experience Strategist
US - National; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL
User Risk Strategist
US-Remote, US-Premium and Canada

Tax Squad (Planning Org)

Tax Squad (Planning Group)

6430 Tax

Workplace (Planning Org)

Workplace (Planning Group)

6620 Workplace Services

6630 Real Estate

Real Estate Transaction Manager
SF, NYC, CHI, Toronto


Global Sales & Business Ops (Planning Org)

GEO Sales (APAC) (Planning Group)

1195 Account Executives (APAC)

GEO Sales (EMEA) (Planning Group)

1185 Account Executives (EMEA)

GEO Sales (NA) (Planning Group)

1170 GEO Sales HQ (NA)

1175 Account Executives (NA)

Account Executive, Digital Natives
San Francisco, California
Private Equity Partnerships Manager
New York City, San Francisco

Product Sales (Planning Group)

1640 Product Sales

Account Executive, Terminal Product Sales
NYC, Seattle, San Francisco

1641 Product Sales - RFM & Tax

1642 Product Sales - Issuing

Account Executive, BaaS Product Sales
New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Remote

Revenue Operations (Planning Group)

1510 GTM Business Operations

Deal Lead
Deal Lead
New York, San Francisco, Seattle
Deal Lead
GTM Governance Lead
US-Seattle, US-Chicago, US-San Francisco, US-New York, Remote
Sales Operations Specialist
Any US location (SF, SEA, NYC, CHI or US-Remote)
AMER Sales Ops Analyst
San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Remote

1512 Global Sales Enablement

1520 Sales Operations (SS&O)

Data Analyst, GTM Strategy
US-Chicago, US-Remote

Strategy, Planning & Insights (Planning Group)

1530 Strategy, Planning & Insights

Marketing (Planning Org)

Marketing (Planning Group)

2311 Marketing - AMER

2312 Marketing - EMEA

Demand Generation, EMEA
Dublin, London

2314 Performance Marketing

Growth Marketing Manager, Velocity Sales
US-Remote, US-Chicago, CA-Remote

2315 Marketing - Marketing Operations

2316 Marketing - Partner

2317 Marketing - PMM

Analyst Relations Lead
San Francisco, Seattle, New York, London, or Remote
Product Marketing Manager, Stripe Connect
New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, or Remote

2318 Corporate Events and Exec Programs

Sales Development Reps (Planning Org)

Sales Development Reps (Planning Group)

1130 Sales Development Reps

Sales (Planning Org)

Customer Success (Planning Group)

1340 Customer Success

Customer Success Manager, LATAM
Mexico City, Mexico

Technical Services (Planning Group)

1120 Training & Certification

1150 Solutions Architecture

Solutions Architect, Platforms
San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago

1160 Partner Solution Engineering


Accounts & Connect Eng (Planning Org)

Connect - Eng (Planning Group)

8514 Connect - Eng

BaaS (Planning Org)

BaaS Eng (Planning Group)

8590 BaaS - Eng

Issuing & Banking Product & S&O (Planning Group)

8256 BaaS - PM

Product Manager, Banking as a Service
San Francisco, New York City

DEeP (Planning Org)

Platform & Ecosystem Eng (Planning Group)

8116 Developer Platform - Eng

8414 StripeXP - Eng

8567 Developer Relations - Eng

Staff Developer Advocate, Developer Relations
United States, Canada, EMEA

8572 StripeApps - Eng

Strategy & Operations, Developer Experience
Chicago, IL / Toronto, Canada / Remote in the United States

Platform & Ecosystem Product (Planning Group)

8566 Developer Platform - PM

Product Manager, Workflows and Custom Data
San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, US-remote, New York

8569 StripeXP - PM

Design (Planning Org)

Design (Planning Group)

8113 Communications & Brand Design

Brand Design Manager
US / Canada

8811 Product Design

8812 UX Research

8813 Web Presence & Platform

Design Engineer
USA- Premium

8814 UX Writing

Web Content Designer
US San Francisco, US New York City, US Seattle, US Remote, Canada

General Engineering (Planning Org)

General Engineering (Planning Group)

5113 Experimental Bets - Core Tech

Engineering Manager, Support as a Service
US Remote, San Francisco, Seattle

Global (Planning Org)

APAC Product & Strategy (Planning Group)

8262 APAC - PM

EMEA Product & Strategy (Planning Group)

8263 EMEA - PM

Information (Planning Org)

Data Science (Planning Group)

7112 Product & Technology Data Science

Data Analyst
Data Scientist

Growth and ML Foundations (Planning Group)

7113 Core Data and Growth

8133 Marketing Systems

Engineering Manager, Marketing Systems
Seattle. WA or San Francisco, CA or New York City, NY

8212 ML Infrastructure - Eng

Engineering Manager, ML Serving
Seattle, WA / San Francisco, CA

Network (Planning Org)

Connections (Planning Group)

8560 Bank Connections

Identity (Planning Group)

8215 Identity - Eng

Link (Planning Group)

8570 Consumer Network

Frontend Engineer, Link Consumer Experience
NYC, Seattle, SF, Chicago, US-Remote

Payments & Connect Product (Planning Org)

Accounts - PM (Planning Group)

8532 Accounts - PM

Lead Product Manager, Accounts
SF, Toronto, Remote
Product Lead, Accounts
San Francisco, Canada, United States

Cards Online - PM (Planning Group)

8547 Cards Online - PM

Checkout & Elements - PM (Planning Group)

8586 Optimized Checkout - PM

CoS (Planning Group)

8591 Checkout

MMS Payouts - PM (Planning Group)

8255 MMS Payouts - PM

Strategy & Operations, Global Selling
US-Remote, New York City, Chicago

Payments Eng (Planning Org)

Cards Online - Eng (Planning Group)

8548 Payins Online - Eng

Frontend Engineer, Payins Dashboard
Seattle, San Francisco
Technical Program Manager, Payins
Toronto, Canada-Remote

Cards Settlement - Eng (Planning Group)

8554 Payins Offline - Eng

Checkout & Elements - Eng (Planning Group)

8582 Optimized Checkout - Eng

Frontend Engineer, Elements
US, Chicago, Remote

LPM Core - Eng (Planning Group)

8556 LPM Core - Eng

MMS APIs & Experiences - Eng (Planning Group)

8539 MMS APIs & Experiences - Eng

MMS Platform - Eng (Planning Group)

8546 MMS Platform - Eng

Radar - Eng (Planning Group)

8511 Radar - Eng

Full Stack Engineer, Transaction Risk
Toronto, Canada-Remote

Radar Product (Planning Group)

8552 Radar - PM

Product Manager, Payments Intelligence
SF, SEA, NYC, CHI, Remote

Professional Services (Planning Org)

Professional Services (Planning Group)

1140 Professional Services

Integration Engineer
Chicago, Remote U.S., Canada

Rahul (ex Ops) (Planning Org)

Business Applications (Planning Group)

8121 Revenue Foundations

Backend / API Engineer, User Billing
San Francisco/Seattle/NYC

8124 Commerce Platform

8128 Applications Platforms

Core Infrastructure (Planning Group)

8127 Core Infrastructure

8129 India - Infrastructure

Corporate Technology (Planning Group)

7312 CorpTech Customer Success

IT Support Engineer
Dublin, Ireland
SaaS Operations Engineer
Toronto, Remote in Cananda

8123 People Systems - Tech

Data Platform (Planning Group)

8122 Data Platform

Developer Productivity (Planning Group)

8126 Developer Infrastructure

8135 Compliance

Finance Systems (Planning Group)

7420 Finance Systems

High Performance Operations (Planning Group)

4145 Support Products - Eng

8112 Business Continuity & Reliability

8131 Romania - Infra/Ops Eng

Software Engineer
Bucharest, Romania

Infra Product & Staff (Planning Group)

8118 Infrastructure Staff

Product Manager, Support Experience Data and Workflows
San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Remote
Technical Program Manager, Security
San Francisco, Seattle, US-Remote

RFA (Planning Org)

Atlas (Planning Group)

3710 Atlas

Billing (Planning Group)

8412 Billing Products

Fullstack Engineer, Billing
Toronto, Canada Locations
Product Manager, Growth
San Francisco

RADS (Planning Group)

8413 Financial Operations Products

Machine Learning Engineer, Revenue and Finance Automation
IN-Bangalore, IN-Hyderabad, IN-Remote

8417 Accounting Products

RFA Central (Planning Group)

8415 Revenue & Finance Automation

Full Stack Engineer, RFA Growth
South San Francisco, CA

Tax (Planning Group)

8596 Tax Products

Indirect Tax Research & Operations Specialist
Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, US-Remote
Software Engineer, Stripe Tax
Bucharest, Romania

Risk Tech (Planning Org)

Merchant Risk and Compliance (Planning Group)

8217 Risk Product Fraud Engineering

8529 Verification and Identity Platform (VIP)

Software Engineer, Verification & Identity Platform
IN-Bengaluru, IN-Remote, IN-Remote-Hyderabad

8535 Risk Intelligence

Risk and Compliance Platform PM (Planning Group)

8260 Risk and Compliance Platform PM

Product Manager, Risk and Compliance Platform
San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago

Security (Planning Org)

Data Privacy (Planning Group)

8613 Data Privacy

Office of the CISO (Planning Group)

8614 Office of the CISO & Partnership

Security Analytics (Planning Group)

8611 Security Analytics

Full Stack Engineer, Security Reporting
US Remote, Canada Remote, Toronto
Software Engineer, Vulnerability Management
Remote, North America or Remote, Canada or Toronto, Canada

Security Engineers (Planning Group)

8610 Security Engineers

Security Foundations (Planning Group)

8612 Security Infrastructure