Life sciences R&D has brought some incredible breakthroughs. So why hasn’t the software of science kept up?

Benchling’s vision is to give scientists and management the cutting-edge software they deserve to accelerate the pace of R&D. Everyday, tens of thousands of scientists all around the world use Benchling. Whether they’re at the world’s largest companies, at the top research universities, or working on a startup in a garage, scientists all use Benchling for the same reason: to be empowered, not encumbered, by their tools.

Current Job Openings at Benchling

Customer Experience

Customer Experience: Customer Success

Customer Experience: Support

Product Support Leader
Zurich, Switzerland


Software Engineer, Full Stack (In Vivo)
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Engineering: Infrastructure

Engineering: Platform

Product & Design

Product Manager, Schemas
San Francisco, CA


Global Account Manager
San Francisco, CA

Sales Development


Market Strategy