Engineer - Data Science Team

At AlphaSights, we search through hundreds of millions of professionals working in the world today to find the small handful of experts qualified to answer our clients' needs. They use these insights to drive amazing progress within their organizations. Our mission is to provide access to dispersed, hidden, and underutilized knowledge.

AlphaSights' Data Scientists and Engineers help to build new products and improve search and discovery. Working collaboratively with teams across the company, and especially closely with Data Scientists, you will apply your Engineering and Data Science skills to help bring data driven models and services into production. You will work with unique, proprietary data sets that offer a window onto the world economy. Ultimately, your work will power the next generation of features to help us build our knowledge on demand offering.

You will:

- Write production level code to expose and serve results from the models that the team builds

- Be responsible for APIs, system and service architecture, and robust designs

- Help analyze, explore, model and gain insight from data

- Have a good degree of autonomy, owning the full spectrum of data driven projects 

- Be involved from project inception all the way through to final release

- Work directly in a highly collaborative environment with stakeholders, data scientists, engineers, and product managers

You might be a fit if you:

- Have 3+ years of industry experience

- Have strong engineering skills and some experience in Data Science, Machine Learning (ML), or Natural Language Processing (NLP)

- Have strong SQL skills and enjoy extracting and manipulating data

Who you would work with:

- You would join a dynamic, multinational, and diverse team who enjoy solving interesting problems in a collaborative environment

- Your co-workers will include motivated recent graduates from top Computer Science schools as well as experienced industry leaders from companies such as Google and Amazon

 Don't worry if your experience or background doesn't match all of these areas, we believe a broad spectrum of experience provides great perspective on solving problems in new and innovative ways and we’d love to [hear from you]. 

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