We're transforming the grocery industry

Instacart is the North American leader in online grocery and one of the fastest-growing companies in e-commerce. Since 2012, we’ve been working towards creating a world where everyone has access to the food they love and more time to enjoy it together. 

Groceries delivered to your door in as little as an hour. It seems simple, right? Well, it’s more complex than that. From re-routing deliveries during snowstorms, to connecting customers with coupons and deals for their favorite brands, to updating over half a billion grocery data lines every night...our efforts bring Instacart closer to being the operating system for the grocery industry.


Every year, people across the world spend nearly one trillion dollars on groceries. It’s an industry that’s been around for centuries. Food itself, however, has been a constant in people’s lives since the beginning of time. Yes, sustenance is crucial, but it’s also much more than that. Food can be a part of a daily ritual or a special moment that resonates with people on a meaningful and emotional level. It provides a much-needed break in a long day, a taste that brings back memories, a creative experiment, a shared meal with loved ones, or even comfort during a hard time. Whether it’s a special occasion or an everyday occurrence, it should always be easy for people to get the ingredients they need.

The Instacart Product Team is dedicated to making grocery shopping effortless for everyone. By helping take care of the shopping, we help people get good food and give them back time, so they can do what matters most to them. We’re finding solutions to large-scale challenges that will forever change the way people feed themselves and their loved ones.

About the Team

Instacart’s Enterprise Experience team is responsible for the discovery experiences within Instacart's white-label storefront platforms.

Instacart’s white-label storefronts enable some of North America's largest grocers to have best-in-class digital experiences, including e-commerce, that are fully aligned with their brand and customer value propositions.  The Enterprise Experience team is responsible for optimizing and innovating on all the ways customer’s discover (e.g., SEO) and shop (e.g., search, browse, weekly ad, recipes) our retailer’s white-label storefronts.  We measure success primarily through activations, basket site, and retention. 

In this role you will be responsible for two critical product areas within our white-label storefronts:

  • Growth: 10xing user and revenue growth for retailers on our storefront platform by identifying and executing on optimizations across the entire user journey.  
  • Analytics: Defining the future of analytics and testing infrastructure for our white-label storefronts for both Instacart and our retailers.  This has a huge impact, but also acts as a critical accelerant for the growth related work.


  • Lead a cross-functional team of engineering, research, data science, and design. 
  • You'll drive product definition, strategy, and long term vision for both growth and analytics. Importantly,  you have autonomy to go after the biggest opportunities, regardless of where they fall within the user journey.
  • The opportunities for major impact within both growth and analytics are almost endless. A key part of this job will be working with your team to deliver a clear and focusing prioritization.
  • Move rapidly, and rely heavily on experimentation to inform product direction and roadmap.
  • Work directly with our retail partners to get buy-in and execute on the opportunities identified by the team.  Importantly, this will include defining new processes with our retail partners that will maximize your team’s velocity.
  • Participate in interviewing, hiring decisions, on-boarding, and mentoring new Engineers with the goal of quickly making them productive members of your team.
  • The Enterprise product team is a small but rapidly growing product team.  As an early PM leading major surface areas, you will be expected to be a thought leader in helping build a high performing product organization that reflects the values of Instacart.


  • 4+ years in Product Management at a technology company, ideally working on growth and analytics within consumer facing products.
  • Have demonstrated delivering impact via rapid data-driven iteration on a consumer product.
  • Strong communicator who is excited to evangelize for product opportunities both internally and with retail partners.  The idea of meeting the CEO of a Top 5 US retailer should energize, not deflate you.
  • Strong technical and data science literacy (though a data or computer science background is not required).  You should be able to audit front-end events, write basic sql, and talk with engineers about API and data schemas.


Accommodations & Accessibility

At Instacart, we strive to create an accessible and inclusive experience for all candidates. If you need assistance submitting an application through our career site due to a disability, please submit an Accommodations Request Form and someone from our team will reach out soon to see how we may be able to assist.

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