As a Solution Engineer on Instacart's Solution Delivery team, you will work on implementing and launching Instacart's rapidly growing Enterprise grocery platform. You will develop software in a fast-paced project-driven environment with the opportunity to learn and work with a variety of systems: Instacart's, partner systems, and third party providers. You will partner with Instacart's experienced Solution Architects to own and execute key components of project launches. You will also liaise with Instacart's broader product and engineering teams to understand and deploy core platform components.

This role places strong emphasis on growth: we welcome candidates in the early stages of their career who are curious and highly driven to learn more about programming, system design, architecture, and real-world solutions to complex business and technical problems.


  • Develop code to integrate between Instacart and remote systems. This role will expose you to a wide variety of technologies and APIs, such as single sign-on (SSO), CRM and customer data, loyalty, offers, payments, email services, etc.
  • Develop in-house scripts, dashboards, automation processes, and other tools to improve the team's ability to deliver rapidly and with high quality
  • Own the deployment and configuration of Instacart services and white-label platform components
  • Work with data files and formats to ingest and onboard retailer data into Instacart's backends
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot a variety of pre-launch issues across the entire solution
  • Communicate with various internal and external stakeholders when required on issues within your set of responsibilities


  • Strong programming skills. You will develop modules focussed on a particular functionality, e.g. login/sign-on, user data create/update, etc. that are intended for reuse across multiple partner
  • Good working knowledge of APIs and HTTP, both from within a programming language and from other tools such as curl. You must understand request/responses, headers, and status code
  • Familiarity with Unix command line tools, e.g., curl, bash/grep/awk, etc., in order to fulfil everyday tasks efficientl
  • Ability to use observability tools (e.g. Datadog, New Relic
  • Ability to understand DBs and write SQL
  • This is a critical role for timely launch and deployment of the Instacart platform with new partners. As such, you must have:
    • a very strong sense of responsibility and ownership
    • Ability to understand timelines, and recognize and escalate issues that would delay the project
    • Ability to communicate about technical issues clearly
    • Self-managing skills, ability to manage a time-sensitive work queue independently

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