About Ought

Ought is a product-driven machine learning lab building Elicit, an AI research assistant. Elicit uses language models to automate and support research processes like literature and evidence review. Elicit applies frontier technology to serious use cases, enabling our research team to understand in great detail where language models fail and how to mitigate such failures.

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About the role

As a product manager at Ought, your mission is to build products applying state-of-the-art AI technologies towards helping the world reason. You’ll have access to new language models and tools before the rest of the world does. You’ll be instrumental in ensuring that these technologies are understood well and deployed carefully. 

You’ll step into a strong foundation. As of May 2023, Elicit has around 740,000 total users. 170,000 are active each month and 20,000 use it more than once a week. It is growing around 38% each month, entirely by word of mouth; you can see our users' feedback on our Twitter page. We’ve launched a feature almost every week since launch. You can see the most recent launches here. We already have a team of experts in design, front-end, full-stack engineering, and machine learning. We have a rapidly growing and super engaged user base eager to spend hours sharing feedback on prototypes and showing us their current workflows. Elicit is one of the most advanced applications of language models right now.

But we want to take it to the next level. We dream of helping significantly more people with significantly more types of thinking. That’s where you come in. Take the foundations we’ve established and build something with an even bigger impact. 

There is no other role like this. You’ll work in a space where every day brings leaps forward in the technological capabilities of the models. You’ll design entirely new, language-model-first paradigms. You’ll prioritize true, lasting impact and not short-term profits.


About you

We predict that the most relevant candidates: 

  • Have worked in product management or similar roles (e.g. founding their own company) for 4+ years
  • Have built complex workflow tools like Zapier, Notion, or Airtable
  • Can navigate the early stages of product building, e.g. pre-product-market-fit
  • Have led squads of engineers and designers
  • Are comfortable across the full stack of product management - defining success, writing specs, talking to users, running analytics, prioritizing feature work, managing releases, etc. 
  • Are comfortable with tools like Metabase, Heap, Segment, Mixpanel, Google Sheets, and Google Analytics

The following suggest really good fit but are not required:

  • Experience building tools for researchers
  • Personal experience doing research
  • Experience with language models like GPT-3 (professionally or personally), or machine-learning-centric tools more broadly
  • Involvement in the tools for thought, metascience / progress studies, or AI safety spaces

We are also open to candidates for a Head of Product role. 


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