Do you want to positively impact student outcomes? Would you like to apply your education and leadership experience to virtually support instructors? If so, consider the Academic Coach role with Elevate K-12.

The Company:

At Elevate K-12, we are focused on a single mission driven goal: empowering students to reach their full academic potential. Our virtual classroom provides students with access to a 21st century learning model integrating the elements of high-quality instruction, technology, and student-teacher collaboration.

The Person:

We're looking for someone to lead a team of virtual instructors in the Academic Coach role. This role would involve supporting, mentoring, and coaching our virtual instructors. Our virtual coaching model allows coaches to monitor sessions, facilitate communication, and monitor data. This role will ensure improved instructor performance, positive student outcomes, and overall program success. 

The Job:

  • Bilingual abilities and teaching experience required
  • Simultaneous daily monitoring of several virtual online classrooms 
  • Coordination of instructors assigned to specific programs
  • Assist instructors during sessions as needs arise and throughout the school day 
  • Collaborate well with Classroom Coaches, Academic Coaches, and other Elevate team members 
  • Monitor program calendar to inform pacing and reteaching opportunities 
  • Analyze and track overall program success using data 
  • Evaluate and provide feedback to instructors using the rating system 
  • Substitute for sessions when instructor not present
  • Set professional goals to inform ongoing growth and impact 

What you will need: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree in education preferred 
  • Past management and leadership experience required, such as instructional coach, team leader, or school administration
  • Experience in the public or private school environment, including using student data to drive instruction
  • Experience in a virtual classroom setting preferred, such as Elevate K-12 
  • Keen ability to multitask
  • Excellent communication and organization skills 
  • Experience with educational technology tools and Google Suite
  • Displays high level of personal and professional integrity
  • Passion for student success

Position Type: 1099 Independent Contract

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