Job Type: W-2

Location: Indianapolis, IN


E-gineering seeks a full-time Custom Software Sales Engineer to work closely with our BizDev team to provide high-quality technical support to our pre-sales client interactions.

The E-gineering sales approach values rich client interactions with goals of understanding our clients' needs and ensuring that our consultants will be able to serve our clients well. We take a team approach to business development in that our core “BizDev” folks establish and nurture quality relationships with current and prospective clients. At the same time, our technologists engage and bring clarity to the solution space. We bring strong technical expertise to the forefront to set our people up for success in meeting our clients' needs.

This is an important point: We do not expect the person in this role to dive deep into any specific technical area, but the ideal candidate will have a strong technical background with a breadth of consulting experience in different industries. It will be important for this individual to know when to call on our specialists and since they are billing and serving clients, use their time effectively and efficiently.

First and foremost, the individual in this role must be servant-minded in all contexts: working with clients, partner companies, vendors, members of the BizDev team, and E-g delivery folks. The individual needs to embody our definition of leadership: helping others become the best they can be.

Second, we’re looking for someone interested and skilled in technology but truly enjoys the sales process. In other words, candidates should be at ease knowing they aren’t meant to practice depth in technology. We’re really looking for an architect-level individual who loves applying their skills to help E-g land great projects and placements.


Client/Prospect Facing

We strive to treat our clients with care and respect by meeting them where they are and having empathy for how they got there. We want our clients to know they are working with someone who is a great listener. Other client-facing responsibilities include:

  • Client communication
    • Facilitate technical requirements discussions with clients/prospects
    • Articulate E-g’s technical capabilities to our clients/prospects
    • Identify areas where E-g can serve the clients/prospects well and transparently communicate areas where we are not qualified to serve well.
    • Follow-up with clients/prospects with clarifying questions
  • Proposal/SOW Preparation
    • Capture requirements to communicate in proposals/SOWs
    • Brainstorm on alternative solutions/approaches
    • Work with our specialists to prepare estimates and present them to E-g for review
    • Prepare project assumptions
    • Assist with staffing models
    • Assist with writing Project Scope and Project Approach portions of proposal/SOW
    • Create and mature reusable proposal/SOW artifacts.
    • Participate in any RFP responses as lead technical POC
  • Account Management
    • Act as the technical arm of account management
    • Capture technical landscape of active clients
  • Participate in the blog and social media marketing efforts to highlight technical capabilities


BizDev Team Member

We have a fantastic BizDev team. They are highly relational and have a rich background in professional services. By adding a dedicated Custom Software Sales Engineer to the team, we hope to create a richer, more consistent sales process while improving the BizDev team's awareness and knowledge of the technical landscape. We expect to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s technical landscape and the nuances of their technical requirements early in the sales process. Responsibilities in this context include:

  • Opportunity Evaluation
    • Communicate requirements to the E-g team
    • Coordinate with E-g leadership to determine E-g’s capability to respond based upon capabilities and availability.
  • Project Staffing
    • Coordinate with BizDev on resource planning (available Employees, Contractors, Partners)
    • Pair up with BizDev to develop relationships with Partner companies from a technical perspective
    • Participate in recruiting/interviewing process
    • Understand the following attributes of each E-g consultant:
      • Technical skill levels
      • Sweet Spots - our proprietary system for measuring employee satisfaction at the engagement level
      • Soft skills
    • Work with bench facilitator to curate bench projects of value to BizDev
    • Educate BizDev on technologies and best practices
    • Identify and articulate project risks


Partner and Vendor Relationships

At E-g, we value building and growing relationships with a network of technology partners. This role would assist the BizDev team in qualifying potential partners by facilitating the assessment of their technical capabilities. We develop relationships both with companies that might be considered direct competitors and those with complementary offerings. Our goal is a well-curated group of high-quality partnerships that will allow us to serve a diverse group of clients while providing a deeper pool to draw quality people.


E-g Delivery Staff

We have an amazing group of people covering nearly all software development disciplines: Architects, Developers, QA (Manual and Automated), Project Leadership (e.g., Scrum Masters), Business Analysts, and Data specialists. The individual in this role will be responsible for getting to know our delivery staff so that their skills and strengths can be called upon when specialized expertise is required during the sales process.


Technical Qualifications

Candidates will possess the ability to quickly learn new technologies that our clients have to the extent that a consistent insight/narrative of what needs to be done can be provided. It will be important to understand when E-g staff specialists should be enlisted for detailed understanding.

A strong background in architecting and developing scalable web applications on-premise and in the cloud is a requirement. We prefer JavaScript, Java, or .NET background, since those are the predominant technologies we use to build solutions. Experience with CI/CD tools and setup is also preferred.

Ideal candidates will have some experience with operations and familiarity with Windows and Linux. Additional valuable operational skills include infrastructure as code tools (e.g., Chef, Puppet, Ansible)

Most importantly, candidates will have a passion and enthusiasm for working with clients to find creative solutions. A design for constant learning and exploration is a must. Candidates should be very comfortable identifying and performing (or orchestrating) Proof of Concepts during the sales process.

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