Program Manager, Uganda

Position Overview

Educate! is seeking a Program Manager for Central and South Regions to take the lead in effective school partnership and regional expansion; performance management in Central and South; program delivery and strategy and financial management.

We’re looking for a proactive, meticulously organized and efficient professional with great coordination and creative problem-solving skills to ensure that all the wheels in their scope of work are turning at maximum efficiency.

About Educate!

Educate! prepares youth in Africa with the skills to succeed in today’s economy.


We tackle youth unemployment by reforming what schools teach and how they teach it, so that students in Africa have the skills to start businesses, get jobs and drive development in their communities. Our model is delivered through practically-trained teachers and youth mentors. Educate!’s goal is to make this practical, skills-based model part of national education systems.


In 2018, we’re working in 175 secondary schools in Rwanda, 60 pilot schools in Kenya, and over 700 schools in Uganda reaching over 42,000 students intensively and 530,000 more broadly. Our model was proven to have massive impact in a randomized controlled trial. Graduates earned DOUBLE the income of a control group and had a 64% increase in business creation. Our graduates change their lives and their communities, such as Lillian Aero who employs over 100 AIDS-affected women.


In 2012, Educate! partnered with Uganda’s government to integrate curriculum and a student business club structure into Uganda's entrepreneurship course nationally, and in 2015, we served as a technical advisor to Rwanda on its secondary education reform.


Educate!’s team includes nearly 200 staff and almost 300 volunteer youth mentors. We have been backed by top foundations such as MasterCard, Big Bang Philanthropy, Mulago, Echoing Green, Ashoka and Global Innovation Fund. Educate! won the 2015 WISE Awards, and was featured by Bill Gates, an Al Jazeera documentary, Forbes 30 under 30, Clinton Global Initiative and The Brookings Institution as one of 14 case studies in their global scaling education learning initiative.


Educate!'s vision for 2024 is to measurably impact 1 million students across Africa each year.

Performance Objectives

School Partnership and Regional Performance - 30%


  • Set strategy for expansion, including school recruitment targets.
  • Oversee program expansion and school recruitment efforts.
  • Advise on hiring of Program Officer Team.
  • Hiring manager for Program Coordinator. Orient Program Coordinator on job and expectations
  • Create expansion work plans and budgets. Lead planning retreats with programs team.
  • Establish open and trusted relationships with professionals who have experience living and working in the West to advice on southern expansion.  Conduct pre-expansion research by talking to these professionals.
  • Advise M&E as they create school recruitment tracking system.
  • Set strategy in the forms of policies and procedures on managing school relationships including # of community schools per unit, # of O'level schools and discount structure for poor schools.
  • Decide on school communication- frequency, mode, and content.  Create all professional communications such as letters and reports.  Oversee all updates to Marketing Materials.
  • Establish strategy for managing school payments.  Create tracking systems as necessary.
  • Advise D&T on association selection strategy and Admin training.
  • Analyze reports and present findings and recommendations to team.
  • Review HM approval rating and feedback to inform partner school relationship strategy.
  • Create guidelines for managing partner schools to be presented at monthly "School Partnership Corner."
  • Update school recruitment procedures as needed.
  • Set BML driving questions around school partnerships for D&T to lead.
  • Build relationships with head teachers to better understand Educate!'s value-add and school
  • Establish partnerships in the West and South to help with ease of entry and access to schools.
  • Lead common cost verification on behalf programs in liaison with program Coordinators for new Community Units and schools.

How will success be measured in this function?

  • Major strategy documents (recruitment guide, procedures related to school partnership, branding guide) updated from structured and in-depth change-cycles, including input from all major stakeholders and research in best-practices.  Major strategy documents are comprehensive and easy to use
  • All external communications are professional and in line with branding guides.   Communications are written and printed in time to distribute to coordinators. Reports discussed in all meetings
  • Leads programs expansion plans. More than 80% goal achievement in recruitment
  • Scheduled and conducts regular school visits and has established a rapport with Head Teachers.  Head Teacher and other major stakeholders inform partnerschool strategy
  • Feedback from field visits is constructive, considers financial implications, and presents structural solutions.  Pushes important issues forward. Looks deeper to understand whether observations represent trends.


Performance Management - Central &  South - 25%

  • Support Program Coordinators in leading monthly regional meeting with team of Program Officers.
  • Lead 1:1 meetings with Program Coordinators monthly.  Review work plans, mid-term and termly goals, and set/check in on monthly priorities.
  • Lead bi-annual staff appraisals of program officers. Complete people analyzer and submit to HR.
  • Observe program Coordinators termly lead YBE meetings, Experience Association meetings, and/or CU events.
  • Approve Program Coordinators work-plans monthly and submit to HR.
  • Coach Central Program Coordinator in people and project management.
  • Oversee mentor recruitment in the region and make sure all community Units have the right capacity.
  • Be lead on the East and North field staff orientation. Constantly follow up to make sure they have been on boarded on everything they need to perform effectively on their job. Enforce programs orientation procedure.
  • Intentionally reach out to program officers and pcs to brainstorm program risks and come up with solutions.
  • Supervise and advise pcs and program officers on how to maintain and increase association meeting attendance and administration trainings
  • Supervise and advise pcs and program officers on LEC delivery, monitoring compliance, attendance and mentor management.
  • Monitor trainings to uphold quality and provide feedback to teams and design and training department.
  • Ensure that major activity reviews are done in the field.
  • Follow up to make sure the regions have all the materials necessary for LEC, clubs, associations and overall program implementation.
  • Follow up with program coordinators to make sure the region's hand in complete paperwork with minimal errors.
  • Manage leave schedules for Program coordinator, Program Officers, regional Officers and youth-leaders
  • Promote real reporting culture in regions.
  • Monitor program activities to make sure they are taking place as planned in the program calendar.
  • Support program coordinators, regional officers and program officers on strategizing on unforeseen challenges or emergencies.
  • Monitor and support the regions to maintain school numbers with a quick turnaround towards transitioning red schools to green.
  • Check in with schools administrators and associates to get feedback and inform partnership strategy.

How will success be measured in this function?

  • Major decisions communicated with buy-in from team.  Clearly communicates when team members do not meet expectations and holds team accountable to Manager communications.
  • Ensures priority goals are achieved. Strategy reflects scale and simplicity. More than 80% of termly goals achieved. Intentionally monitors to check on the program quality and strategies or makes improvements according to findings.
  • Organizes and oversees pre-testing of new procedures.  Works with M&E to identify root causes of reporting errors.
  • Consistently follows-up with team on program performance. Conducts bi-weekly 1:1 meetings to direct program management.  When delegating, stays up to date on major activities. Always carries out the 3 tiered management to support the team.
  • Consistently re-sets expectations.  Quick to detect and address all types of performance challenges among broader program's team with clear, documented communication & rewards/consequences.  
  • Understands program officer and coordinator relationship and analyzes reports and submits written strategy recommendations, including budget implications

Program Delivery and Strategy - 20%

  • Co-lead termly planning retreats with team of program coordinators.
  • Lead capacity building for pcs, ROs and program officers in improvement areas.
  • Follow up with all staff that go out for program monitoring and be the lead to make all the feedback is brought in and put in the programs  report.
  • Review termly monitoring reports, Internal Advisory Board feedback, and risk analysis.  Produce a termly action plan reflected in team's goals and monthly priorities.
  • Lead 1:1 meetings with program coordinators bi-weekly.  Review work plans, termly mid-term and termly goals, and set/check in on monthly priorities.
  • Lead 1:1 conference calls with Regional Officers bi-weekly.  Review work plans, monitoring plans, goals, and set/check in on monthly priorities.
  • Programs point person on Nationals and district club events
  • Conduct interviews when hiring program coordinators, regional officers, and program officers.  Create hiring guide for each position. Create & update People Analyzer expectations for each position.
  • Lead bi-annual staff appraisals of program coordinators and regional officers. Complete people analyzer and submit to HR.
  • Be the programs lead person on Global Conference. Coordinate on behalf of the team and represent it at these committees with PSO support.
  • Regularly observe program coordinators lead regional meetings and conference calls. Provide feedback based on observation.
  • Approve coordinator and regional officer work plans monthly.
  • Be lead on youth leader management for Programs. Creating pipeline and sourcing strategy with HR.
  • Conduct 3 tier management by observing PC’s and RO’s in their role and checking in on program officers.
  • Oversee objectives and outline for program officer remedial training

How will success be measured in this function?

  • Projects and aligns team on activities, schedules and goals proactively
  • Has eye to further improve delivery and impact through advocacy aligned to organisational anchors and theory of change
  • Rolls out program strategy and vision of projects clearly to team with feedback space. Manages to design solidly against performance expectations
  • Has system to capture program risks, gaps and leads with proposals to manage them at different levels. Strong on enforcing procedures

Financial Management - 25%

  • Create department annual budgets and work plans with other program  Coordinators.
  • Produce monthly reports explaining discrepancies in the Budget vs Actual and comparing budget to expense report. Submit revised budgets to Program Director and suggest budget reallocation.
  • Submit termly projections for regional programs and bi-weekly projections for unforeseen expenses.
  • Manage budgets to -/+5% variance while promoting financial discipline
  • Co-lead half-year budget review, explaining all causes of budget vs. actual discrepancies, and re-allocating money for second half.
  • Meet with Finance Department monthly to liaise on issues of procedure compliance, school payment reports, Beyonic, cash flow, and audits.
  • Ensure all program coordinators submit finalized common cost sheets to finance.
  • Follow up on all instances of internal audit.
  • Approve Program Coordinators & Regional Officers advances.
  • Ensure Program Coordinators & Regional Officers submit accountabilities within 2 week approval cycle.
  • Support Regional Officers in identifying training needs of team in the area of financial management.
  • Ensure program coordinators have skill set and support to approve program officer expenses.
  • Work with finance on revising and improving financial procedures for regional program activities.
  • Manage team on strategy to uncover issues of fraudulent and/or misuse of funds.  Ensure all members of programs management team follow up/ hold policy and procedures in instances of fraudulent or misuse of funds.

How will success be measured in this function?

  • Anticipates financial challenges and collaborates on solutions with finance during monthly meetings.
  • Upholds proper financial procedures for procurement & reimbursements even during busy/difficult times.
  • Manages budgets to +/-5% variance.Submits monthly BvA reports on time
  • Strategies to manage and control issues of fraud informed by other organization's best practices.
  • Strategies to improve payment collection are effective.  Creates a sense of urgency around collecting school payments.  Holds team accountable according to payment procedure.
  • Monitors cash-flows, projections, carries out quality checks and manages issues of fraud.
  • All regional staff receive money timely according to schedule and account timely and accurately.
  • Strategies to manage and control issues of fraud informed by other organization's best practices.


  • Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field.
  • Experience of at least 1.5 years experience at Regional Officer position or 1 year at Program  Coordinator position.
  • At least 3 years professional experience.  
  • Experience leading a team/people management, managing finances, program reporting.  
  • Excellent computer skills required.
  • Thrives in fast-paced team that communicates and collaborates closely
  • Strong organisational, writing and communication skills, explaining clear expectations, having attention to detail, and providing clear written communication in a timely manner.
  • Fits our Five Cultural Tenets (see What is Educate! About? below); Learn more by looking at Educate!’s culture deck here


Why You Will Brag About Working At Educate!

  • We’ve got the impact.
  • Educate! is designed for scale. We quadrupled operations in 2014, going from 54 to more than 200 schools served. We carefully measure our outcomes, and — here’s the best part — we are maintaining quality at four times the size.
  • We believe in local leadership — 97% of our on the ground staff is African.
  • Our model has gone nationwide in Uganda — Educate!’s model is now incorporated into the national curriculum and exams, impacting thousands more students than we can reach directly.
  • Educate is a well-oiled learning machine. We built our model by methodically testing hundreds of assumptions and we are constantly experimenting, evaluating, and improving.
  • We’re honored that luminaries and leaders like Oliver Wonekha, the Ugandan Ambassador to the US, and Ann Veneman, a former Secretary of Agriculture and head of Unicef, believe in us enough to have joined our advisory board.

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Application deadline is Tuesday 22nd  January 2019.  

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