Eco puts your money back to work for you — creating the first consumer fintech product whose creators are aligned with its users. Financial infrastructure hasn't changed since the 1970s. All we've gotten are shinier products built on the same broken systems.

The Eco App changes that, starting by building the best place to save and spend your dollars. We combine high-yield savings with rewarded spending in a single, compounding balance that's easy to manage. Soon we'll let you pay your bills and put your financial life on autopilot. And through all of this — unlike every other fintech company — we don't skim from you.

That’s only possible because we’re building Eco Points, a new rewards currency for the Eco community. Eco Points keep us—our company, App users, and the community of people already building for Eco—aligned to win together. And this is just the beginning. New Points features are emerging every month as we think about how Eco can fundamentally upgrade traditional money. And in case you’re wondering: there’s much, much more to Points than meets the eye.

Every day, we're working on difficult and impactful problems which demand solutions at the intersection of technology, product, marketing, and advocacy. To achieve our mission and realize our vision, we’ve put together an incredible team and are selectively adding to it. We hope you’ll consider joining us.


As Partnerships Lead at Eco, you will:

  • Repeatedly strike a type of deal that’s never really been done before (no, really!) thanks to our unusual business model
  • Build the Partnerships function from the ground up, defining what exceptional partnerships look like at Eco
  • Work with the founders to pull the levers of distribution and instill belief in Eco globally
  • Evangelize to partners about what a more aligned financial future could look like — for users, companies, and the network as a whole
  • Rigorously run a partnerships pipeline and build long-lasting relationships with our counterparties (present and future)

We’re looking for you if:

  • You define yourself as a dealmaker by your creativity — finding that unexpected lever to pull to get a deal done with everyone thrilled
  • You know that “time kills all deals” and you relentlessly compress timelines with counterparties in the interest of helping everyone win together
  • You have experience in at least two different types of partnerships/BD/sales and thrive when learning a new paradigm
  • You consider yourself open and vulnerable, sharing your true perspective because you know that’s the path toward building relationships that last
  • The intersection of loyalty programs, crypto, and financial products feels like something you could spend your life on
  • You have exceptional and consistent integrity, work ethic, and attention to detail.
  • You have a well-formed personal thesis on the philosophy of dealmaking.

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