Eco puts your money back to work for you — creating the first consumer fintech product whose creators are aligned with its users. Financial infrastructure hasn't changed since the 1970s. All we've gotten are shinier products built on the same broken systems.

The Eco App changes that, starting by building the best place to save and spend your dollars. We combine high-yield savings with rewarded spending in a single, compounding balance that's easy to manage. Soon we'll let you pay your bills and put your financial life on autopilot. And through all of this — unlike every other fintech company — we don't skim from you.

That's only possible because we're working to introduce the Eco Currency, a new money built for real people. We believe that cryptocurrencies can fundamentally upgrade traditional money — but that won't happen without widespread distribution and a path to adoption. The Eco App is the first product to provide such a path, beginning with a familiar interface built for US Dollars and slowly building trust as we educate users on the benefits of this new paradigm.

Every day, we're working on difficult and impactful problems which demand solutions at the intersection of technology, product, marketing, and advocacy. To achieve our mission and realize our vision, we’ve put together an incredible team and are selectively adding to it. We hope you’ll consider joining us.


In the one-year Eco Fellowship Program, you will:

  • Serve as the trusted guide bringing users across the Eco bridge into a new financial paradigm – the tip of the spear for Eco’s mission. You will conduct mission-critical onboarding sessions which are the make-or-break first interactions any user has with Eco
  • Contribute significantly to building and scaling early Product/Market fit in our unique onboarding process
  • Build a track record of substantial contributions to one of six functional areas in the business:
    • BD/Partnerships
    • Communication/Education
    • Community
    • Growth-side Product
    • Marketing/Growth
    • Recruiting
  • Drink from the firehose on crypto, FinTech, money, psychology, sociology, sales, marketing, and much more.
  • Be a major contributor toward empowering millions of people (and beyond) to fundamentally better control their money.

We’re looking for you if:

  • You’re looking to break into Crypto/FinTech
  • You have grit, humility, and eagerness to roll up sleeves
  • You have exceptional (as in truly exceptional) attention to detail and multi-tasking skills
  • You’re a natural communicator in written and spoken form, have instinctive people skills, empathy, and equanimity. You enjoy educating and empowering others, can discuss the why, not just the what or the how. And can communicate it to the end-user
  • You can aggressively prioritize, ship quickly, iterate and — most importantly — hear and act on other people’s feedback
  • You’ve got a clear track record of quality contributions to one of six functional areas mentioned above
  • You’ve got experience in an evolving, ambiguous, high-growth business
  • You’re driven by Eco’s mission

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