EBANX is a global fintech that emerged in 2012 with the mission of connecting companies to Latin America, facilitating payments on international sites such as Aliexpress, Airbnb, Sony, Spotify, and many others. As we grew, our portfolio also expanded and we went beyond payment methods. Today we offer solutions in local processing for Brazilian companies and different products and services for our final consumers. We are called ebankers and we are changing the way people buy, connect, and live globally. Do you want to join our Big Dream and be part of this team? 

You will work in a team of experienced developers and be responsible for maintaining a platform that processes millions of transactional requests every day. We cultivate an engineering culture that values and promotes sustainable quality, continuous delivery, high availability, quick feedback, and meritocracy. 

As an EBANX leader you will be responsible for:

  • Managing a highly qualified and technical team;
  • Contribute and collaborate with the product areas and the development engineering team;
  • Have fun doing the management of technical teams and enabling the delivery of relevant products with global impact;
  • Create and send weekly reports on the progress of the team's activities to stakeholders;
  • Doing thorough code-reviews and help your teammates with complex designs and architectural decisions;
  • Working on strategic projects for EBANX;
  • Evolving and deciding the future of our payments platform;
  • A system of high availability (+ 99.9%) and with high throughput (100+ TPS), written in Java, and MySQL (yes, it is possible :smile:). Don't know Java? No problems, the important thing is to master the basics!
  • Mentoring and developing new talents;

What is indispensable for the job?

  • Proven experience of at least 5 years designing, implementing, and deploying software solutions to production;
  • Proven experience of at least 2 years leading a team of software engineers; 
  • Interest in subjects such as data structures, concurrency, persistence, and distributed systems;
  • Expertise in git or any other collaborative version control system;
  • A vision for software quality, the evolution of systems, decomposition of problems and abstractions;
  • A great ability to learn new practices, technologies, programming languages and absorbing engineering culture;
  • Advanced English (read, write and speak);

What would we love to see?

  • Passion for software, you go to sleep and wake up thinking about how to make that part of the system more elegant or efficient;
  • Software development expertise in any complementary area to our core business, such as data warehouses, specialized development platforms, infrastructure automation, services provisioning, real-time systems, fault-tolerant systems, and mission-critical systems;
  • Experience with deploying to and monitoring a cloud infrastructure especially AWS.
  • Experience with computer networks, latency, package loss, routing optimization, monitoring, and problem-solving;
  • Full knowledge of SQL and relational databases;
  • Comfortable with challenges of concurrency problems and has already worked in distributed and asynchronous systems;

What are we going to offer so you can do an amazing job?

  • Sustainable work pace: 40 hours a week of an accelerated but not frenetic rhythm - no marathons or sleepless nights; The focus is on working smarter.
  • The best tools money can buy so you can be productive in your work; (Macbook, Jetbrains licenses, Slack, Discord, Zoom, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jenkins, DataDog, Rollbar, ElasticSearch, Kibana, SonarQube amongst others)
  • Deep and fast code reviews for any of your pull requests - You will also do a lot of them :)
  • Constant discussions about our practices and systems, everybody that wants to speak out is always heard and we are always open to new ideas, practices, and tools;
  • You will be free to dedicate part of your time to improve our systems and implement quality features that make us more efficient or less error-prone;
  • Frequent, fair, and transparent performance evaluations - all developers are evaluated with the same system and have access to the same career development opportunities;

EBANX offers:

  • A challenging environment, with opportunities to grow;
  • Casual office and dress code;
  • Spanish, English, and Portuguese classes;
  • WAVES - Program of goals and results (variable compensation);
  • EBANX Play - Wellness (Gympass, e-Sports, SESC );
  • Semi-flexible hours (8 hours a day - Monday to Friday);
  • Meal Allowance;
  • Transportation voucher (if needed);
  • EBANX Education: scholarship;
  • EBANX Skills: budget for workshops and courses;
  • Hello ebanker: psychology, finance, and legal orientation.
  • Health and Dental Insurance;
  • Blue Club: Exclusive discount for ebankers in bakeries, restaurants, courses, electronics stores, and more!

Follow us on Instagram and look for the hashtag #ebanxlife to learn more about EBANX's culture.

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