👋 Overview

As our first People hire at dub, you’ll be tasked with creating a passionate, exciting and healthy work enviornment for every dubber globally. You’ll have an incredible opporunity to spearhead one of the most important functions for dub as we enter the scale-up phase.

Location: You can work out of our office in NYC (preferred) or potentially remotely wherever you are in the United States.

Compensation: Competitive market comp. 


💼 The Role

Expected Experience

  • At least 3 years experience in a human resource function Managed payroll and bonuses for full-time, part-time, and 1099 employees
  • Developed clear and fair company policies
  • Created, setup and managed team activities
  • Effectively handled relationships with both management and employees
  • Worked in chaotic and ever changing startup enviornments with strong personalities
  • Started cross team initatives


  • As our first People hire, you’ll lead efforts to establish process and procedures to maintain corporate and legal compliance.
  • Constantly innovate new ways to keep the team engaged, energetic, and passionate about dub’s mission and vision.
  • Build a repeatable and scalable onboarding process for new employees and act as our main point of contact during all onboarding processes
  • Maintain high standards for how the team treats each other.
  • Be the goto manager and operator of all payroll, reimbursement, basic finance, budget, and wellness processes at dub
  • Develop and implement structured performance management for the entire team
  • Address all team queries regarding human resources at dub (i.e. compensation & labor questions)
  • Work with management to structure compensation and bonus structures
  • Help manage the hiring pipeline with hiring managers and scheduling interviews
  • Plan consistent team activies to offsites
  • Make making dub the best, most passionate, and effective work enviornment your top goal
  • Faciliate resource allocation and crossfunctional communication at dub


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