đź‘‹ Overview

As our first engineering leader, you'll spearhead dub’s efforts to build a world-class engineering team, internally and externally. Internally, you’ll build a strong culture of product engineering first, making effective tradeoffs, lean processes, and rapid growth/mentorship. Externally, you’ll attract the best talent, build a rigorous hiring pipeline, and make dub’s engineering organization known as best in class.

You're also excited to push the boundaries of the known world and seek to break the norms. You’re maniacal at delivering results and know how to wield the soft and hard influence required to guide the team to delivering ambitious features on time. You’re a hard worker who leads by both example and speech.

Location: You can work out of our office in NYC (preferred) or potentially remotely wherever you are in the United States.

Compensation: Competitive market comp. You'll also receive a generous amount of equity in dub. Skin in the game is key for us.


đź’Ľ The Role

Expected Experience

  • Led a team of backend and frontend engineers for 2 years+
  • Experience planning engineering initiatives, creating technical project plans, and running the sprint process
  • Experience working with
    • senior management setting OKRs, company level goals, and strategy
    • product teams and product managers on managing development cycles
    • engineering teams that’ve scaled from 5 to 50
  • You’ve mentored and grown engineering teams by doing 1:1s, providing growth opportunities, and promoting all stars
  • Experience hiring and building engineering teams from 0 to 1
  • You have a demonstrated track record of working with and attracting top engineering talent

Bonus Areas

  • Worked with C# / .NET, Flutter, AWS, and Kafka
  • Worked with compliance teams & regulatory bodies (FINRA, SEC etc.)
  • Built
    • brokerage systems or worked at a investing fintech
    • consumer facing mobile & web apps

What You’ll Do

Steven (CEO) speaking here. You’ll work with the team too:

  • Build a world-class engineering team and culture
  • Plan engineering initiatives in a way that allows us to move fast, take incredible ownership, and ship outstanding customer experiences
  • Build our engineering hiring pipeline and attract top engineers
  • Prioritizing what to build by working closely with our founders, product, design, and compliance
  • Lead our team to create an unprecedented product which combines social, investing, and asset management for the first time
  • Mentor our team and grow the next generation of dub senior engineers and managers


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