"Q: Why don't web developers get along with others?

A: They're too MEAN." joke by @sharonlin

Some projects come with significant challenges; others are just a breeze to work through. I appreciate it a lot when others put in a significant amount of effort into projects, and for this particular project, we've been working hard to make every step clear as water. 

This opportunity is to join us with a part-time contract to work as a Node.js developer. We expect that in the first couple of months the person hired will need to parse about 20 websites for the relevant information we require to drive our efforts. 

We have prepared detailed documentation containing everything we need as well as all specifics related to the project. We expect it to be a walk in the park to accomplish this for the right developer and commit to trying to provide this level of clarity for ongoing projects. 

We want to work with someone who cares about the quality of their work, is independent, and who we can trust to work alongside us to reach our goals. 

To be successful in this project, we need someone who has at least three years of experience parsing websites, is proficient in the MEAN stack, and can communicate in English. 

The senior developer leading this project is fluent in Serbian, English, and Spanish. We prefer someone who has at least intermediate English skills and fluency in either Serbian or Spanish. We expect to be able to ask you some questions in English.

For this role, we expect someone proficient in 

  • MEAN stack
  • Node.js (Curl, Axios)
  • MongoDB
  • DOM, XPath
  • Targeting anonymous elements, and emulating events. 

We are looking to pay on a monthly basis, we pay in USD and let you choose your preferred payment method. We offer some other benefits as well as a paid time off package and have been cementing the remote work environment for a long time.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to apply!

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