Are you a Front-End JavaScript aficionado that’s tired of being under-appreciated by your fellow developers, who just CRUD all day? Do you want to work on a project where you can feel like you’re having a daily impact and see stuff moving?  One where you have complete say in the overall style strategy?


There’s a team on a mission to build the next generation of ETL and Business Integration SAAS applications and tools.  What does next generation mean? For years people have been hiding knowledge deep in configuration and software implementations.  That deeply embedded knowledge has a tendency to continuously get “lost” and recreated. This is a mission to liberate that knowledge and turn it into explicit knowledge that can be tracked and modified by all relevant parties! The team’s goal is to use the latest technologies to create industry specific knowledge modeling and management tools.


And the good news are: they are looking for a front end developer to join them.


You will be working on all aspects of the software’s UI. In the beginning this will mainly consist of building the team’s workflow and implementation creation platform. But it does not end there - you will be instrumental in creating the design guidelines and the patterns that the team will use to build information dense screens and applications.  


You will have a voice in all aspects of front end development: design style, any frameworks used, and the toolset used to build, test, and manage front end development.  You will also play a big role in helping the team build its remote culture - helping figure out the right tools and process to best communicate and collaborate. This is a high impact position that will help shape the future direction of the company.


Here Are The Skills We Need:

  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Up to date with ES6 details and beyond.
  • Knowledge of the JavaScript ecosystem and MVC/component-based architectural patterns.
  • Experience with a JavaScript framework - preferably Ember.js
  • Understand general UX design and best practices.
  • Up-to-date HTML and CSS ability, including flexbox and CSS grid. You will have near complete say in the team’s approach to CSS.
  • Ability to create responsive designs and layouts.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.

And Bonus Points For:

  • Interest in visualization toolkits like d3.
  • Interest in graphical program creation tools like Blockly.
  • Interest in domain-specific languages.
  • Understanding of material design

Here’s What’s In It For You: 

  • An awesome work culture with dynamic workflows
  • This is a remote position, so you can give away all your pants! Hurray!
  • Actually, keep some pants. Please.
  • Work with cool people; be part of a true distributed team; your own “remote work” family!

Sounds like a fit for you? Then get in touch, and send us your CV.

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