Dovetail's mission is to enable the world to create better products and services through deep customer understanding. We empower 45,000+ people, from agencies to universities to Fortune 100 companies, to make sense of their customer research in one collaborative and powerful research platform. 

Dovetail is growing our team of legendary creatives, and we’re looking for a leader for our Creative Studio.

The Creative Studio

You might not expect a startup of Dovetail’s size to have a Creative Studio, but we do things differently here. Design is at the core of everything we do.

Dovetail is a platform for teams to make better decisions by deeply understanding their customers. Our vision is for the Creative Studio to be the creative nucleus for all things at Dovetail, operating as an internal ‘agency’, made up of designers, illustrators, producers, writers, animators, engineers, thinkers, and makers.

Collaborating with folks all over the company, the studio executes on creative projects big, small, and first of their kind at Dovetail. The studio’s primary goal is to expand and evolve our house of brands to resonate with our growing audience, while still maintaining the character and weirdness that makes us unique. This ain’t no corporate gig – we celebrate getting kooky and pushing ourselves creatively.

The studio has the creative freedom and autonomy to explore different styles, mediums, techniques, and ultimately conceive and create distinctive and unforgettable work. Work that doesn't just look good, but makes you feel something too. Initiative always counts, and great ideas will be heard, even if they push the boundaries of what a traditional brand team would do.

Why do all of this in-house?

  • The Creative Studio works closely with internal stakeholders, leading to more and better ideas, and a fast feedback loop.
  • We move fast. Our products are always evolving, and as a result our brand needs to continuously evolve. We want a team who is able to build and maintain context overtime.
  • Good design and visual communication is important to Dovetail, (we have a designer CEO, and design is represented in company leadership). We have a high bar, and we believe we can achieve excellence with our talented team in-house.

We’re inspired by the creative teams at software companies like Figma, Shopify, Intercom, Notion, and Dropbox.

What you'll do

  • Drive the visual communication of our brands. As leader of the Creative Studio, you’ll work with the team and stakeholders to define the creative direction of our company brand, individual product brands, and publication brand. You’ll execute on this through a diverse range of project across the business.
  • Own our brand guidelines. You’ll be responsible for maintaining our brand guidelines as the brands evolve. You’ll work with the teams to ensure consistent implementation and use of the brand throughout the company.
  • Lead, inspire, and grow the Creative Studio. You’ll work with designers, illustrators, and other roles in the Creative Studio to help them achieve high quality outputs, support their growth areas, and champion their development. You’ll work with design leadership to define new roles needed in the Creative Studio as the team grows, and help with hiring efforts.
  • Define team rituals and ways of working. You’ll be responsible for creating team rituals to help the Creative Studio prioritise impactful work, pair closely together on tasks, foster an environment for peer feedback, and drive towards a cohesive outcome. Some examples include design critique, stand ups, team planning.
  • Facilitate stakeholder involvement in the creative process. You’ll work with a variety of different stakeholders across the business on different projects – including product designers, product managers, marketing managers, content writers, event teams, recruitment and people, the CEO, and more. You’ll work closely with stakeholders to understand requirements, their ideas, and get their buy-in. You’ll also be responsible for pulling other roles in to your work when needed, e.g. product designers for help with product snippets. You’ll be responsible for driving stakeholders towards an outcome.
  • Push our creative boundaries. We don’t want to play it safe. You’ll continuously evolve and refine our brand. You’ll encourage and facilitate ways for the team to explore new styles, techniques, and mediums.

Your background

  • Strong design experience. Previous experience as a creative director or similar position, working with sophisticated, modern cloud software.
  • Breadth of skills across the creative design process. Including web design, design systems, visual communication, illustration, art direction, animation, video editing, copy writing, and more.
  • Attention to detail. You have a high quality bar and will be constantly looking at enhancing the experience for customers. We aren't opposed to pushing pixels and sweating the details – we're a detailed-oriented company that values quality!
  • Experience collaborating with other roles. Experience working with adjacent roles such as engineering, product designers, marketing managers, etc. An understanding of how these roles are involved in the product development process, and how each role adds value to the business.
  • Team leadership experience. Previous experience with people management and team leadership preferred, given the responsibilities of supporting individuals on the team with the development of their craft.
  • Excellent communication. Skilful, concise communication so you can easily communicate visual concepts and rationalise your decisions. Be able to convey your opinions and feelings with other teammates, founders, and customers. Honest, thoughtful, and transparent communication is critical to our success as a business.
  • A great attitude. The right attitude towards a sense of urgency, risk, and uncertainty about the future that comes with working at an early-stage startup. This is an opportunity to be involved in an exciting journey from the very start.
  • Pragmatism. You'll need to be comfortable with ambiguity, be resourceful to solve problems, and be able to adjust to shifting deadlines and project goals.

At Dovetail, we’re passionate about building and fostering an environment where every team member feels supported and valued. We celebrate individualism, welcoming everyone to show up as their authentic selves every day. It’s no secret that diversity builds the best teams, large or small, so we highly encourage applications from people who identify as part of an under-represented group. Please take a peek at Dovetail’s commitment to Program 50/50 and hear why we’re officially a Great Place to Work on our careers page for more info!


  • Equity for everyone. We put our money where our mouth is. No matter your role, we provide equity for all along with competitive salaries. See your investment grow as Dovetail grows.
  • Extra paid days off. Enjoy ad-hoc KitKat days to take a step back and spend it however you like. Hit the beach, spend time with your family, pick up that hobby you’ve been meaning to try, or anything in between!
  • Equal parental leave. We offer an inclusive framework of 12 weeks equal paid leave to support new parents. Every family is unique, so you make the call how you’d like to take care of what matters most.
  • Floating public holidays. Public holidays don’t always align with when you want to take leave. So the choice is yours when it comes to swapping public holiday leave for a later date. You do you!
  • Flexible work-life balance. We love our bright and shiny offices, celebrating wins together, and working on super collaborative and cross-functional projects. While our teams love coming together IRL, we also let you make the call on how and where you want to work
  • Develop and grow. Take a course, attend a lunch and learn, or head to a conference to help you grow! We love to support you any way we can, so expect Dovetail to be your #1 fan when it comes to achieving your career goals.
  • Modern and pet friendly offices. Bring your pooch to our modern, ergonomic offices in the heart of Surry Hills. We also host monthly events for the whole team to connect and unwind.
  • Annual retreats. We aim to go away every year to celebrate achievements and have some fun as a team. New Zealand followed by the Whitsundays… where to next?
  • Health is wealth. We believe that everyone has the right to mental wellness and support so every Dovetailer has access to Uprise (Employee Assistance Program) for themselves as well as their families.

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