Dovetail's mission is to enable the world to create better products and services through deep customer understanding. We empower 45,000+ people, from agencies to universities to Fortune 100 companies, to make sense of their customer research in one collaborative and powerful research platform. 

Dovetail is growing rapidly and we’re looking for our first data engineer to push forward how our teams use and leverage data to inform product development, our go-to-market model, and scale our data function as we grow throughout 2022 and beyond. This role sits within our growth team and you’ll work closely with the team to leverage data to uncover impactful opportunities for our customers and business.

We’re all about taking big bets, sweating the details on delightful experiences, and tackling ambitious technical and business challenges, so there’s a huge opportunity for your work to have a massive impact and for you to develop insight into all of the pieces that go into scaling at high-growth software company.

What you'll do

As the first Data Engineer at Dovetail, you will:

  • Own our data warehouse and analytics lifecycle. You’ll work with our infrastructure team to maintain our data warehouse, and work with the product team to ensure the consistent, quality, and reliable implementation of our analytics end-to-end data lifecycle. You’ll work to automate and optimize data loading and transformation of data from different teams across the business into a format that is accessible and valuable for everyone.
  • Write quality code and data queries. You’ll craft code consistent with our guidelines and standards for a high-scale database environment. You’ll assist in optimizing the team to continually improve these standards as they relate to data and analytics through code review, pair programming, technical planning, and more.
  • **Empower other teams through your work.**You’ll design and build out analytic data models that support answering questions from our product teams and company leaders. You’ll do this while ensuring that customer data is protected throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Join our growth team. As our first data engineer, you’ll sit within our growth team and partner closely with the team to help leverage data to inform projects that drive revenue, new customers, retention, and/or engagement.
  • Promote data understanding across Dovetail. You’ll establish close relationships with other teams to truly democratize data understanding and access. You’ll educate teams on how to self-service data, ask the right questions, and how to leverage data to inform decisions and opportunities in their teams.
  • Establish dashboards and reports. You’ll collaborate with other teams across Dovetail to develop queries, build reports and dashboards to visualize analysis and insights.

Your background

  • Experience with modern data warehouses. You have experience designing, implementing, and maintaining modern data warehouses and reliable data pipelines to support business needs, ideally within a SaaS or startup context.
  • Competency with SQL. You’re fluent in SQL within analytical data warehouse solutions and in business intelligence and visualization tools. You must be able to write complex SQL as well as have reasonable working proficiency in languages such as Python and Typescript as required.
  • Demonstrated analytical experience. You have analytical experience with one or more of the following business subject areas: marketing, finance, sales, product, customer success, customer support, or engineering. You have experience working across complex and diverse data sources across the business.
  • Background in mathematics or statistics. A solid foundational grounding in these areas, and/or a bachelor’s degree with a STEM focus is a plus.
  • You are pragmatic and flexible. Like your new teammates, you’re used to doing what’s necessary to get the job done. You’ll need to be comfortable with ambiguity, be resourceful to solve problems and be able to adjust to shifting deadlines and project goals.
  • Excellent, concise communicator. You can easily convey your thoughts, opinions, and feelings with your product team and have the ability to articulate effort vs impact tradeoffs.


  • Equity for everyone. We put our money where our mouth is. No matter your role, we provide equity for all along with competitive salaries. See your investment grow as Dovetail grows.
  • Extra paid days off. Enjoy ad-hoc KitKat days to take a step back and spend it however you like. Hit the beach, spend time with your family, pick up that hobby you’ve been meaning to try, or anything in between!
  • Equal parental leave. We offer an inclusive framework of 12 weeks equal paid leave to support new parents. Every family is unique, so you make the call how you’d like to take care of what matters most.
  • Floating public holidays. Public holidays don’t always align with when you want to take leave. So the choice is yours when it comes to swapping public holiday leave for a later date. You do you!
  • Flexible work-life balance. We love our bright and shiny offices, celebrating wins together, and working on super collaborative and cross-functional projects. While our teams love coming together IRL, we also let you make the call on how and where you want to work
  • Develop and grow. Take a course, attend a lunch and learn, or head to a conference to help you grow! We love to support you any way we can, so expect Dovetail to be your #1 fan when it comes to achieving your career goals.
  • Modern and pet friendly offices. Bring your pooch to our modern, ergonomic offices in the heart of Surry Hills. We also host monthly events for the whole team to connect and unwind.
  • Annual retreats. We aim to go away every year to celebrate achievements and have some fun as a team. New Zealand followed by the Whitsundays… where to next?
  • Health is wealth. We believe that everyone has the right to mental wellness and support so every Dovetailer has access to Uprise (Employee Assistance Program) for themselves as well as their families.

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