DoorDash Essentials + Kitchens

Current Job Openings

110 Customer Support

112 Order Fulfillment

DashMart Kitchens Shift Lead
Indianapolis, IN
Fulfillment Associate
Fair Lawn, NJ
Fulfillment Shift Lead
Alexandria, VA
Shift Lead
Raleigh, NC
Shift Lead
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Shift Lead
Indianapolis, IN
Shift Lead - Boulder
Boulder, CO
Shift Lead - Broomfield
Broomfield, CO
Shift Lead - Canton
Canton, MI
Shift Lead - Cleveland
Cleveland, OH
Shift Lead - East Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, CO
Shift Lead - Eastside
Syracuse, NY
Shift Lead - Florissant
Florissant, MO
Shift Lead - Greenwood
Greenwood, IN
Shift Lead - Halethorpe
Baltimore, MD
Shift Lead - King of Prussia
King of Prussia, PA
Shift Lead - Leon Valley
San Antonio, TX
Shift Lead - Newark
Newark, NJ
Shift Lead - North Valley
Albuquerque, NM
Shift Lead - Plano
Plano, TX
Shift Lead - Providence
Providence, RI
Shift Lead - Rex Manor
Mountain View, CA
Shift Lead - Rocklin
Rocklin, CA
Shift Lead - Southside
San Antonio, TX
Shift Lead - Springfield
Springfield, MO
Shift Lead - Turnersville
Turnersville, NJ
Shift Lead - Wildwood
Charleston, SC
Shift Lead - Wilmington
Wilmington, NC
Shift Lead - Woodbridge
Woodbridge, VA
Warehouse Associate
Montreal, QC
Warehouse Associate - Bayview
San Francisco, CA
Warehouse Associate - Downtown
Oklahoma City, OK
Warehouse Associate - Lower Manhattan
New York, NY; Manhattan, NY
Warehouse Associate - Lynnhaven
Virginia Beach, VA
Warehouse Associate - Tamarac
Fort Lauderdale, FL

113 Order Fulfillment Management

Senior Operations Manager, DashMart
San Antonio, TX; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Fort Worth, TX
Site Manager
Philadelphia, PA
Site Manager
Toronto, ON
Site Manager
North York, ON
Site Manager
Winston-Salem, NC
Site Manager
St. Louis, MO
Site Manager - Albuquerque
Albuquerque, NM
Site Manager - San Diego
San Diego, CA
Sous Chef - Redwood City
Redwood City, CA
Sous Chef - San Jose
San Jose, CA
Vendor Specialist
Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Miami, FL; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; St Louis, MO; Tempe, AZ; Washington, D.C.

114 Kitchen Ops

Front of House Associate
North Hollywood, CA
Line Cook, Kitchens
Brooklyn, NY
Line Cook, Kitchens
Redwood City, CA