You might well be facing a fundamental conflict of interest. You want to build a stellar CBD career but it’s tedious and political and the city is not where your heart is. What you truly want is a country life making a big difference to the lives of genuine country people. Dodgshun Medlin is where you can have both, and with far more options. Working in teams exposes you to all the FS disciplines, so that you can make the best choice for you and gravitate into any of the specialties with our full support.


Dodgshun Medlin guides the rural enterprise and wealth strategies of farming and related industries throughout a broad sweep of regional Australia. We provide depth in all the professional services specialties – accountancy, tax, business improvement and support, finance, risk, wealth improvement and more – underpinned by an outstanding team of in-house agronomists. We’re not on the ‘new’ agri-business bandwagon. We have a generations-deep understanding of the land and regional complexities and our approach, integrating all the specialties into a seamless whole, is unique in the sector. Nobody does it better. 


  • Agricultural Accountancy with a CA firm estb. 1957
  • Particular appeal to those with country roots or affinity with the land
  • Swan Hill base, flexible working arrangements
  • Work in multi-disciplinary teams to develop holistic solutions
  • Client-facing + field work. Relationship building
  • Ultra-modern tech – digital innovators
  • Optional pathways to Tax, Business Development, SMSF, Financial Planning
  • Diverse workplace
  • Genuine, appreciative clients
  • Ethical business with commitment to sustainability and strong community engagement.


  • CA or near to; 3+ years in public practice
  • Experience in preparation of financial & tax return statements for SMEs
  • Interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Ideally, proficiency in Xero


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During the past year much has changed, including attitudes and priorities. It has ever been that the country migrates to the city and now it’s the reverse. The COVID experience has convinced many to escape the crush and find better, more open worlds for themselves and their families, existing and future. They have discovered what they can do without and perhaps more tellingly, what they cannot do without.

If you’re in professional services – Accountancy, Tax, Business Development or Wealth ­– consider Dodgshun Medlin. We have a swish Collins Street office but our engine-room is in Swan Hill, on the Murray. Here, you can accelerate your CBD-grade career with stability and purpose, while enjoying a more fulfilling lifestyle. You will also gain the respect and appreciation of genuine country clients in sophisticated industry, agriculture and retail.

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