Doctolib is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to take care of our applicative ecosystem. You will be the doctor of the Doctolib application: curative and preventive care.

What you will do

As a SRE, you will deal with the Doctolib production platform: one of the biggest Postgres database in Europe, 12k queries per second, more than 3k cores. These numbers are multiplied by 1.5 every 6 months. 

Your curative role: Fix the application as quick as possible

  • Be part of the On Call rotation to keep the platform reliable and performant
  • Take care of our operational production environment (Monitoring/Alerting)
  • Works hand in hand with developers to investigate run issues, especially security and performance ones
  • Supervise applicative rollout to ensure they are smooth and regular

Your preventive role: Maintain applications by measuring and monitoring availability, latency, and overall system health.

  • Deploy and maintain a wide range of monitoring probes: technical probes, business rules shared with the products teams and SLO used by the top management
  • Regularly bench the platform to be sure we will be able to handle the traffic in 6 months
  • Proactive monitoring of the performance of the platform, on the full stack (CDN, application, database)
  • Regularly add features in the main codebase to improve the scalability and the reliability of the doctolib monitoring
  • Maintain and improve all the tooling related to the rollout in production: deployment script, canary release, monitoring …
  • Works hand in hand with developers team to write scalable and reliable features through workshops and pair programming

Your skills

You could be our next team mate if you: 

  • You have a hands on experience on a production platform, if possible at scale
  • You have at least 5 years of experience 
  • You like troubleshooting performance issue in complex environments
  • You are always looking for the perfect dashboard to monitor your application
  • You want to write code in an application used by millions of users every day
  • You are fluent or want to be fluent with various tools: kubernetes, rails, terraform, postgres …

Now, it would be fantastic if you:

  • Speak English 
  • Have web development experience in a hyper-growth environment

The interview process 

  • 30min phone screen with a Tech Recruiter 
  • 2h30 Technical interview 
  • 2h30 Manager interview 
  • Half day immersion

More about the position 

  • Permanent Position 
  • Full time 
  • Location: Levallois-Perret
  • Start Date : ASAP

About Doctolib

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing e-health service in Europe.

We provide healthcare professionals with services to improve the efficiency of their organization, transform their patients' experience, and strengthen cooperation with other practitioners. We help patients to access care easily, with online appointment scheduling, teleconsultations and receiving their prescriptions online.

Doctolib is also a group of passionate entrepreneurs who are transforming the healthcare industry and share the SCALES values.

At Doctolib, we don’t just accept diversity, we respect and celebrate it! We’re proudly committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of your gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability or place of origin. We take care of each other and are grateful for each Doctoliber’s contribution to our mission!


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