Role Description

Develop and maintain Jago’s digital financial services product roadmap, and lead product design and implementation for Jago digital financial products.

In addition, lead product design chapter, ie. define the way of working in digital product design and development across all tribes, ensure it is implemented and adhered to and look after the personal development of all product owners and designers across the organization.

Key Responsibilities

  • To strategize and continue to develop digital banking value proposition and product features, both new and enhancements to achieve Jago’s vision as a Life Finance solution for Indonesian.
  • To manage, coordinate and work closely with relevant stakeholders (sales, marketing, operations, IT, etc) to ensure product implementation/delivery is smooth and according to plan. This includes product launching and related training/education for both staff and customers.
  • To design a customer focused UI/UX for Jago, both for mobile and web applications with Simple, Smart and Safe key pillars. 
  • To conduct market and customer research to identify necessary additions to, removals from and modifications to product value proposition and features.
  • To establish key customer journeys and its importance to deliver a life-centric way of doing financial activities. 


  • Bachelor/Masters degree from top university (either nationally or from overseas)
  • Minimum 10 years work experience in digital product management. Experience in banking is a plus
  • In particular, 5 years experience in the design, monitoring and delivery of digital products.
  • Track record in designing and delivering new products.
  • Several years experience and preferably some service experience.
  • Strong knowledge of digital banking (online and mobile apps, multi-function ATMs, etc.); IT savvy.
  • Other technical skill: Proficiency in English, agile methodology.

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