An individual is required who has a solid background in producing business intelligence analytics dashboards and reports to support the requirements of a high growth digital organisation. Experience within retail banking is also required. 

The individual will initially focus on engaging with multiple stakeholders across the business to understand their analytics requirements, systemise these in online dashboards as well as support such users with ad hoc analysis requests. The individual will work very closely with the data engineering team and as well as the data science team.


As the organisation grows, the individual will grow into more of a leadership role with a mandate to democratize analytics within the organisation. This individual will therefore require:

  • A strong appreciation for the various facets of data governance that are required to be adhered to given the context of a highly regulated organisation that is interacting and sharing data with multiple ecosystem partners. This particularly relates to:
    • data access policies
    • consistency of business metric definitions
    • consistency in usage of nomenclature
    • discoverability of data
  • A passion for storytelling and skills in constructing cohesive business narratives from analytical data with the ability to deliver actionable insights from these.
  • An understanding of the nuances of how to effectively visually communicate high dimension complex information. The individual should be capable of codifying this information, for example by producing style guides. 
  • Empathy for potential skills deficiencies of consumers of BI within the organisation. This will be important to help improve self-service access both by improving tooling, making information more discoverable, driving training and upskilling of non BI team members.

Strong skills are required with respect to:

  • SQL, python and the pydata ecosystem
  • BI tools such as Tableau, Metabase, PowerBI or similar such tools

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