What is Disqus? 
Disqus is a free service that enables great online communities. As the web’s most popular discussion system, Disqus is used by 3 million websites that cover pretty much any topic imaginable. Our magic is in connecting people to stuff worth talking about. 

Who We Are
Disqus is a fast-growing team making a big impact. We’re a group of hackers and tech geeks who love the web and believe that better communities will make an even better web. We believe in amazing user experiences, well-designed code, and fast, iterative development.
We go above and beyond when it comes to thinking outside of the box to solve problems creatively. We're driven to learn and implement new technologies, and figure how to scale them to accommodate our massive scale. Are you up for the challenge of building an application that supports 50,000+ requests per second, and 4MM active concurrent connections to our realtime stream? Then join us.

We love what we do, and we love the team we’ve built.

Current Job Openings at Disqus


Advertising Account Manager
San Francisco, CA


Site Reliability Engineer
San Francisco, CA

Marketing/Business Development

Community Development Manager
Disqus - San Francisco
Community Manager Intern
Disqus - San Francisco


Product Manager, Mobile (iOS)
San Francisco, CA

Your Dream Job
San Francisco or New York
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