Our mission at Discreet Labs is to make privacy more programmable through adoption of applied cryptography, and decentralized blockchain technology.
Discreet Labs is the developer of Findora, a public blockchain with programmable privacy. The original research team behind Findora also invented Bulletproofs, a type of zero-knowledge proofs that have been widely used across different blockchains such as Monero, Mimblewimble, and Grin. Discreet Labs has implemented Bulletproofs on Findora to support confidential transactions, and private asset issuance. The company is also working on additional zero-knowledge proofs to support confidential smart contracts for more programmable privacy.
Discreet Labs is backed by Polychain and Powerscale Capital, and is partnered with dozens of companies and organizations including Tencent, BSN, MetisDAO, Taxa, Bank of Asia, Travel USA Express, MoneyMoov, IOTPay, YouWorld, Citcon, and Bayes.
We have offices in Palo Alto, CA and Beijing, China, plus we have the platform tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment.
This role is on the product team at Discreet Labs, which works cross-functionally with a talented team of engineers, architects, researchers, designers, operators, and business developers to build out scalable privacy systems, including some of Findora's core infrastructure and marquee applications.
As the glue between our engineers, and other stakeholders in the company, you will drive, define, communicate, and help the team execute on the vision for Findora. You will work closely with our VP of Product, VP of Engineering, COO, Director of Marketing, and many others to help grow the protocol from a young main net blockchain network to a reliable, scalable, and programmable privacy platform driving the next phase in smart contract growth on the blockchain.

  • Oversee concept analysis, engage in requirements gathering, and work with engineering to scope out features designs based on developer requests, and ideas from the team.
  • Lead the defining of product feature requirements, and detailed user stories to set the engineering team up for clear goals and success.
  • Execute on the product vision, and go-to-market strategy by working closely with marketing, sales, and executive leadership teams.
  • Build and execute release/roll-out plans, and manage integration meetings between the various engineering teams.
  • Weigh difficult tradeoffs, taking into account network decentralization, scalability, and security requirements, along with product, developer, and engineering user requirements against delivery time and resources.
  • Shape the future of the blockchain industry by taking state of the art academic research, from design to production, and building privacy blockchain infrastructure that will power the future of the digital economy.


  • Demonstrated skills of ownership and ability to drive and release protocols, platforms, and products that have made a positive impact that you are proud of
  • 3+ years of working experience in a product or technical role that involved communication with engineering and delivery (ops/release/infrastructure) teams
  • 2+ years past experience working as a product manager in a startup environment (10-150 employees) preferred
  • Some crypto / blockchain experience OR be able to articulately explain your favorite product, protocol, or platform in the blockchain / crypto industry and why
  • Effective communication & management style that can lead & influence at all levels
  • Ability to communicate across teams and plan ahead to remove roadblocks
Our Tech Stack
Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, Terraform, AWS, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), Multi-party Computation (MPC)
*Discreet Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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