Our mission at Discreet Labs is to make privacy more programmable through adoption of applied cryptography, and decentralized blockchain technology.
Discreet Labs is the developer of Findora, a public blockchain with programmable privacy. The original research team behind Findora also invented Bulletproofs, a type of zero-knowledge proofs that have been widely used across different blockchains such as Monero, Mimblewimble, and Grin. Discreet Labs has implemented Bulletproofs on Findora to support confidential transactions, and private asset issuance. The company is also working on additional zero-knowledge proofs to support confidential smart contracts for more programmable privacy.
Discreet Labs is backed by Polychain and Powerscale Capital, and is partnered with dozens of companies and organizations including Tencent, BSN, MetisDAO, Taxa, Bank of Asia, Travel USA Express, MoneyMoov, IOTPay, YouWorld, Citcon, and Bayes.
We have offices in Palo Alto, CA and Beijing, China, plus we have the platform tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment.
This is an exciting and career-defining opportunity as Discreet Labs' first VP of Ecosystem Development. In this role, you will work across multiple partnership categories to help expand the Findora open ecosystem.
Findora’s success is derived from the rich open source, decentralized ecosystem that is evolving organically around it. Building upon this foundation, you will help to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem, making Findora the global standard for privacy.
Covering the whole range of crypto ecosystem components from infrastructure providers, liquidity platforms, marquee apps / DApps, and builders of developer tools for Findora - you will bring these aspects together into a cohesive strategy, creating a team around you to grow the Findora ecosystem from an early beta-network to a thriving global programmable privacy platform with cross-chain interoperability. You will build bridges across platforms, organizations, regions, and audiences to scale in accordance with Findora’s vision for a future with more sensible privacy for an open digital society.
- Stand on the shoulders of state-of-the-art academic research to pave the way for privacy systems that will power the future of the digital economy
- Grow the Findora open ecosystem around a technical, open source, blockchain privacy system
- Create operational capabilities and strategically source external partners to help generate a funnel program, where an interested developer can evolve from a hackathon participant to being funded by the Findora Foundation grant program, to building self-sustaining products and tooling for the Findora ecosystem
- Create clear incentives for the creation of developer tools and marquee applications
- Build interoperable bridges between existing blockchain networks to help scale the ecosystem
- Generate goodwill across the Findora open ecosystem
- Fluency in English, knowledge of other languages, e.g. Chinese, would be an advantage in order to liaise with stakeholders across the world
- 4+ years of related experience in the VC industry or have worked in ecosystem development
- 2+ years working in the the crypto industry preferred
- Deep understanding of crypto ecosystem strategy around open source, technical protocols, platforms and products
- Demonstrated conviction that decentralized blockchain/crypto/smart contracts are the future
- Strong passionate belief in the defense of privacy
Our Tech Stack
Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, Terraform, AWS, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), Multi-party Computation (MPC)
*Discreet Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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