Who is DigitalOnUs?

At DigitalOnUs, we not only provide Agile and DevOps methodologies to our customers, we have adopted the same within the company as well. Our nimble processes are not mired in red tape, yet robust, flexible and result-oriented. We are Software Engineers, Technical Architects, Cloud and DevOps specialists. But the most important, we are dreamers, creators and challengers. Each day, we strive to make great come alive. Our lemma: “work smart and play hard”

Our technology partners are Hashicorp, Cloudbees, Chef, Pagerduty, Docker and SAP.

We are always looking for the brightest candidates to come and we offer a work environment with everything you need to be your best. Does Ambition, Success, Fun, Friends & Learning define your idea of a career? Join us and be part of our family!

We're looking for passionate, product-focused DevOps Engineer who have hacked systems in creative ways, who are curious about new technologies, and trends.

Location:  Santa Monica, California

Qualifications we are looking for

  • 4+ years’ experience as a DevOps Engineer or a combination of SysAdmin + DevOps or SysAdmin + Development
  • Experience with one or more CI/CD tool: Jenkins, GitLab CI, Bamboo, TeamCity, CruiseControl, Team Foundation Server, Travis CI
  • Good programming Skills: Java, Node, Python, Ruby, Perl
  • Experience working with one or more cloud providers: AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Experience with one or more Version Control System: GIT (GitHub, GitLab, etc), SVN, ClearCase, Perforce, Mercurial
  • Automation and orchestration experience with systems such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Cloud Foundry, Spinnaker, Kubernetes, and/or Docker Swarm are a plus.
  • Handling high severity issues and troubleshooting experience.
  • Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills.

CICD Architect will provide continued engagement on:

  • Discovery and Assessment of current state continuous integration and continuous delivery technologies, practices, and patterns.
  • Discovery and Assessment of Quality initiatives goals and objectives for continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Discovery and Assessment of platform capabilities, including current roadmap items.
  • Assisting the Company Quality Organization to work through the continuous integration and continuous delivery Jira backlog.
  • Assisting the Company Quality Organization to work with teams on implementing parts of basic and full pipelines.
  • Thought leadership on the recommended technologies, practices and patterns for continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Why you will love this job

  • We look for people who are thoughtful, can break down problems, work individually sometimes, and in pairs or teams at other times.
  • You are trusted to work on your own but ask for help when you are blocked
  • We'll work with you to find the balance of what you want to do, what you are good at, and how that fits in with the company goals.
  • Manage technical aspects of end-to-end release lifecycle for applications delivered by the development team, from a DevOps standpoint
  • Work on release automation (Continuous Deployment)
  • Work on Build automation (Continuous Integration)
  • Participate in auditing of performance and security issues discovered during the release process
  • Own, extend and maintain the Cloud based based infrastructure hosting the CI/CD tools and ensure we have scalable, global infrastructure to support product and development team needs
  • Extend the build system for new application initiatives if/when needed.
  • Take ownership of core automation tools such as Gerrit, Jenkins, Github, CircleCI and extend/maintain as needed
  • Ensure the infrastructure is secure, recoverable (disaster, data) and maintained (security patches, tool upgrades, etc.) and highly automated
  • Build and support scalable microservices and system orchestration
  • Onboard new functionalities related to deployment process, update a DevOps strategy accordingly
  • Improve the communication between Development and Operations teams -> DevOps
  • Work directly with developers and business analysts as well
  • Actively collaborate with Solution Designers and Architects using DevOps
  • Design, implement and support any tool related to DevOps architecture

What you can expect from us

At DigitalOnUs, what distinguishes us from other teams is the comfortable environment which engenders trust within teams and with our customers. Trust and openness leads to quality, innovation, commitment to deliverables, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for all our customers.

  1. Empathy for your coworkers and our customers is an important part of success here. As an early stage startup, most people wear many hats.
  2. We’re growing at a phenomenal pace and we’d like some company.
  3. Hear your voice, nurture your talent and help you strengthen your foot print!
  4. Benefits above the law
  5. Mentorship, and opportunities to grow and learn

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