Job title:  Senior Software Engineer


Job Location:  Mountain View, CA


Education: Master's degree in Computer Science


Experience: 3 years of experience in Software Engineering or related


Work week:  Full-time/ 40 hours per week


Job duties:  Develop simulation systems that establish testing environment from both real-world log data and synthetic data; collaborate with other software and research engineers to design scenarios and metrics to predict real-world performance of autonomous driving algorithms; build highly scalable framework to run simulation jobs in the cloud; reduce the cost of testing and evaluating autonomous driving algorithms; reduce the safety risk by doing more tests in simulation instead of real-world road testing; speed up development-testing cycles; and increase testing coverage.


Special requirements: 


Requires experience in the following: Integration testing; state-of-the-art cloud systems; large-scale data analytics tools; development of large-scale cloud computing/testing systems; and C++ and Python Programming Languages.


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