Job title:  Senior Hardware Engineer


Job Location:  Fremont, CA


Education: Master's degree in Electrical Engineering


Experience: 3 years of experience in MEMS Engineering or related


Work week:  Full-time/ 40 hours per week


Job duties:  Research, design, develop, and test microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices; perform research and development for autonomous driving related hardware sensor devices; develop processes for MEMS device, including materials research, planning, executing, analyzing, and optimizing; conduct package modeling for MEMS sensors using finite element modeling; develop next-generation MEMS device architectures and specifications; compose invention disclosures leading to patents for new devices; conduct bench level testing and debugging of new MEMS devices; support test development; document details regarding analyses, design, and testing methodologies; and conduct research on industry trends, competitor products, and advances in various engineering fields.


Special requirements: 


Requires experience in the following: Optical Device design and testing; Semiconductor device packaging and testing; and Fabrication techniques.


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