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The Dictionary.com team exudes energy and passion for language and is driven to invest in the people and products that will propel Dictionary.com forward another 20+ years.

What you get to do:
We are looking for a self-starting, energetic individual with strong software development experience with emphasis on automated quality and productivity tools. The ideal candidate should have a few years of experience working on internet-scale services. You will work closely with Oakland-based engineers, dev-ops, project managers and business stakeholders. The selected candidate should not be afraid to question assumptions and should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. You will need to have both the technical chops and the communication skills to articulate your ideas and influence others.
About You:
  • At least 5 years of experience in software development
  • Significant Experience with UNIX/Linux based systems
  • Significant Experience with Agile software development models
  • Experience in creating and automating test suites, front-to-back across the web application stack
  • Practical experience in QA and test automation frameworks such as Webdriver, Cypress, Selenium
  • Hands on experience with automated End-to-End and Component-level testing of the applications built with modern web frameworks, such as React, Node.js, or Angular
  • Familiarity with development and deployment automation technologies such as Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, GitLab CI, AWS CodeDeploy
  • Solid experience in programming languages such as Javascript, Ruby,Python, Go, or Java
  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing and aloud, with technical and non-technical cross-functional teams
  • Working knowledge of SEO best practices is very helpful
  • Working knowledge of programmatic header bidding is desirable

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