Are you a 1 in a 100 designer or engineer with tons of ideas and talent, but still humble and able to work in an exciting but challenging team environment? We want you on the Dialexa team! Dialexa develops revolutionary technology products that solve today’s complex business challenges for the world’s largest and most successful companies.


Benefits and Perks

We're constantly working to improve the benefits and perks we offer to reward the hard work and dedication of our employees. While there are always ways to blow off steam, like regularly scheduled happy hours and quarterly outings, we have also implemented ways to focus on professional development and health and well-being. Some of these programs include:

- A Responsible PTO Program - we're all adults so we trust you to take the time you need to rest and recharge without setting hard limits on the hours you use

- Dialexa Mentorship and Innovate Programs- get involved with peers to learn more about another technology or work as a team to create a new product altogether!

- Health and Wellness - we offer a wide range of health insurance plans to fit every type of lifestyle (even ones that are free!) and offer perks to those wanting to get to the gym by offering classes and rewards.

- Flexible hours - we trust you to get what you need done and support your team. We want to hire you for your vision and knowledge; not to see you sit in a chair.

- and many, many more!

We're adding different perks and listening to our employees to see what they think is best- whether it be a new type of coffee in the kitchen or something bigger.



We are a company built by engineers that are also great business people. For our company to deliver world-class products and services, our business depends on recruiting and hiring the best and the brightest from around the world.

Our diverse team is made up of dreamers, creative types, inventors, technologists, system thinkers, builders, and doers who all share a common purpose: to build products and services for our clients that transcend time and place.

We pride ourselves on having what we believe to be one of the most stringent interview processes for a technology company, comparable to companies like Google, Facebook, McKinsey and Goldman Sachs, and while we realize this process may not be for everyone, we are not looking for just anyone. “A” players will always want to play with “A” players.

We are looking for the engineers, designers and creative problem solvers that stand out from the rest of the crowd but are also humble enough to continue learning and growing, are eager to tackle complex problems and are able to keep up with the demanding pace of our business.”

We place a high emphasis on intellectual curiosity and how well you fit within our culture. If this appeals to you, then you should consider joining our team.



At Dialexa, we try to live and work by our values:


Do the right thing - always.


Get back up.


Believe in one another.


Deliver extraordinary work.

Creative Freedom

Challenge the status quo.


We build the world’s preeminent technology solutions.

We believe every company can become a great technology company by putting the customer experience first and building technology products that move brands into the future.



Current Job Openings



Data Architect
Dallas, Texas, United States
Data Architect (Remote)
United States
Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Dallas, Texas, United States
Senior Data Engineer
Dallas, Texas, United States

Delivery Excellence

Delivery Operations Manager
Dallas, Texas, United States
Test Automation Engineer
Dallas, Texas, United States
2022 Quality Engineer Intern
Dallas, Texas, United States


Android Mobile Engineer
Dallas, Texas, United States
Senior Front End Developer
Dallas, Texas, United States
Senior iOS Mobile Engineer
Dallas, Texas, United States
Senior Software Engineer
Dallas, Texas, United States

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