The Well Living Lab is seeking an experienced Building Science Engineer to conduct original research on the effects of the built environment on human health and well-being. The building science engineer will collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, technology staff, operations staff, scientific experts, and academic and industry partners. The Well Living Lab is a unique partnership between Delos and Mayo Clinic; scientific collaborations and an academic appointment within Mayo Clinic are an intrinsic part of the position.


The Well Living Lab is seeking candidates with exceptional scientific training and deep knowledge of engineering principles, building science, air quality, and statistics to conduct research on the impact of the built environment on human health, direct the collection, management and analysis of environmental data using advanced statistical methods, and consult with academic and industry partners. In doing so, the building science engineer is expected to actively contribute to the Well Living Lab’s primary objective of broadening the scientific and practical understanding of how indoor environments and human behavior interact to impact health and well-being. Specifics include but are not limited to:

  • Leverage the unique resources of the Well Living Lab and Mayo Clinic to lead the development of innovative methods for measuring indoor environmental quality and managing building systems with the goal of improving human health and well-being.
  • Generate, design, plan and execute research protocols including writing proposals for external grant funding and internal proposals for experiments.
  • Produce and review standard operating procedures for using equipment and conducting experiments at the Well Living Lab.
  • Direct the collection, management and analysis of environmental data using advanced statistical methods including generation of data processing and analysis code, creation of data visualizations, and statistical summaries.
  • Provide coordination and guidance for operation, maintenance, and calibration of sensors and instrumentation at the Well Living Lab.
  • Serve as the scientific leader of technical aspects of the building systems at the Lab, including the HVAC system and controls, the audio system and controls, and lighting systems and controls as well as the technical expertise of vendors related to sensors, building systems, and experimentation.
  • Provide training related to sensors, building systems, software, and experimentation.
  • Prepare publications, presentations, reports, and other documentation based on research findings from experiments.
  • Actively collaborate with scientists and physicians within Mayo Clinic and outside the Lab.
  • Present and publish original research findings to academic audiences.
  • Integrate the Lab’s state-of-the-art research into broader platforms and frameworks.
  • Actively contribute to shared learnings in the Well Living to maintain cutting edge status in a rapidly evolving field.

Candidate Profile & Prerequisites:

  • Completion of a PhD in Mechanical, Environmental, Civil, or Architectural Engineering or a related field involved in the building sciences. Completion of at least 2 years of post-doctoral training in an academic research laboratory.
  • An exceptional research background and demonstrated track record of knowledge of the effect of the environment on human health, behavior, and well-being.
  • Strong skills and experience developing and leading research projects.
  • Experience working with human subjects.
  • Deep understanding of medical, scientific, or clinical research techniques and principles.
  • Experience planning, executing, and reporting human research studies.
  • Experience with IRB protocol writing and submission.
  • Experience collecting, processing, and analyzing indoor environmental quality data, including air quality, lighting, acoustic, and thermal properties of the built environment.
  • Experience working with large datasets and statistical programming, including but not limited to: Python, R, MATLAB, and C#.
  • Demonstrated track record of publishing in peer-reviewed journals and presenting at conferences.
  • Genuine interest in understanding how the built environment can improve health and well-being.
  • A positive attitude, open mind, and a desire to collaborate with and learn from a multidisciplinary team.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal flexibility and resiliency in conflict resolution.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively communicate with all levels of organizations and with external audiences.
  • High level organizational and project management skills to handle multiple concurrent projects.
  • Ability to lead a project team of various skills levels and different backgrounds.
  • Experience in grant writing and a successful track record in grant awards is preferred.

Compensation:  Salary for this position is competitive and commensurate with prior experience.  A comprehensive benefits package is included for full-time employees.         

Applicants are selected based upon their qualifications for this position and without regard to the applicant’s race, color, ethnic or national origin, religion, creed, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, marital or partnership status, citizenship or alienage status, veteran status, whether children are, may be or would be residing with a person, or any other characteristic protected by law.  

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About the Well Living Lab:

The Well Living Lab, a Delos and Mayo Clinic collaboration, was created to research the real-world impact of indoor environments on human health and wellbeing, and generate evidence-based information that can be used in practical ways to create healthier indoor spaces. For more information about the Lab, visit

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