Operations Strategy Manager, UK&I 

The Department

Operations Strategy is responsible for low frequency, high impact project work pertaining to all elements of UKI Operations. This work will include longer-term projects focusing on efficiency gains, improving processes and better ways of working. The team’s work is cross-functional and collaborative at its core.

The department is responsible for the “vendor management” element of our relationship with the Rider Service Centre (RSC) , ensuring we get the required level of service and performance from that  team. This vendor management relationship has become even more important now that the RSC has been absorbed into the centralised Global team. 

A new area of work in UKI Operations that this team owns can be broadly described as “Chief of Staff” functionality. More specifically this will be: 

➔ ownership of internal communications (keeping all of UKI Ops in the loop on our own team’s 


➔ ownership of all cross-team internal meetings (agendas and actions) including the

Monthly Business Review (MBR) for UKI Rider Operations,

➔ owning the process of OKR setting and monitoring (with other HoDs) 

➔ Ensuring a healthy level of transparency for UKI Ops for other stakeholder 

(business-wide communications) 

The Role 

Reporting into the Director of UKI Operations you are a major contributor to the output of the department. Your goal is to be central to the planning of how UKI Ops works, across multiple departments. 

Working with the rest of the team, you are responsible for driving general efficiencies and process improvements while supporting our Planning & Analytics, Content & Engagement and Growth Operations teams with strategic project work. 


  • Foster an environment of progression and continuous improvement across all of Operations.
  • Collaborate across the department and the wider business to produce results 
  • Improve our service levels across all Ops departments by continually driving performance gains 
  • Actively seek problems to solve and quickly ship solutions 
  • Contribute to the design and audit of processes executed by the Rider Services Centre  
  • Drive down costs for the business through thorough assessment of current processes and ways of working to identify efficiencies 
  • Build relationships across the business that allow you to remove barriers for the team and influence when needed 
  • Be a mentor in your department and across UKI Operations 

Core competencies 

  • Stakeholder management - this team only succeeds if it can influence and persuade 
  • Deep understanding of UKI Operations - quickly building and demonstrating thorough knowledge of the department, the models with which we interact and the goals of the team will be essential to success 
  • Analytical and strategic - able to ‘think big’ as well as execute ‘on-the-fly’ via understanding the dynamics of our business 
  • Adaptable Fixer - enthusiastic, flexible & adaptable with the ability to remove barriers & bottlenecks via facilitation, creativity & resourcefulness. Don’t slavishly follow processes if they aren’t right 
  • Can build “stuff” - approaches, processes, tools and structured change methodologies 
  • Change Management - knows how to flow meaningful changes through a large organisation to drive adoption and ensure success 
  • Inquisitive and forward-thinking - curious, thoughtful and happy to question the status-quo. Keeps pushing for further improvements 
  • Mentor - be a leader within the department and be sought after as a source of knowledge, advice, and experience 

Life at Deliveroo 

We are a growing team, with very large impact, seeking to answer some of the most interesting questions out there. We move fast, we’re always looking for new ideas and we’re very transparent about the decisions we make and why we make them. 

There are so many questions we need to answer and plenty more we haven’t even encountered. How do data and technology help restaurants to grow as consumer habits change? How can we predict what someone wants to order for dinner long before the idea has even crossed their mind? At Deliveroo these are just some of the tough problems we are solving - and there is no challenge that cannot be yours.

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