Dcard Introduction

Dcard is the biggest anonymous community in Taiwan. With millions of active users and 1.5 billion page views per month, Dcard provides a free and secured environment for our users to share their thoughts, stories, and life experience and make the world a better place through the exchange of ideas.

We are exploring opportunities in the different market, hence we're looking for a Product Manager who is passionate, talented to join us in building the next big thing for the generation. As a Product Manager at Dcard, you'll be a member of our overseas team and drive our business forward.

About Dcard Product Team

You will cooperate with Global Manager, Market Researcher, Engineer and Designer to verify ideas and develop products in the different market. As a member of the Dcard’s Product Team, you will face lots of interesting challenges and will interact with many various roles, stakeholders and analyze the requirements of users to create the products with millions of users.

What you'll do in the team

  • Think in the user’s view and business perspective, verify product assumption of market requirements/opportunity and turn the into an executable plan.
    • Find out the direction of product strategy and roadmap by the research of users and data analysis.
    • Conduct data collection and case study based on the initial idea and design a suitable implementation method for Dcard.
    • Set product specification and development process, disassemble the development stage, and make a clear execution plan and testing items for every stage.
    • Plan the A/B/n testing, and set a suitable evaluation indicator to review the efficiency.
    • Formulate the strategy for releasing the new function, and keep tracking the data for efficiency after release.
  • Understand the team and cooperate with all the roles of the team, knowing different thoughts of the roles to make the whole execution process smooth.
    • Cooperate with the UX/Market Researcher and Data Analyst, stipulating the product observing indicator, and discussing the method of A/B/n testing.
    • Discuss with Engineers about the feasibility of and difficulty in different parts of the implementation.
    • Cooperate with the Designer and consider the appropriate usage processes and information presentation to bring out the best design project.

We expect an excellent Overseas Product Manager with the following capabilities

  • Proficient verbal and written skills in both English and Chinese.
  • Have more than 2 years of experience in product management, and be familiar with various methods and tools for product management, verify and building MVPs.
  • Can develop the product roadmap from both the user’s point of view and business perspective.
  • Have strong business acumen and proficient analytical skills. Can disassemble the problem that you observe and infer the sources behind the problem with logic.
  • Have great communication skills and know how to coordinate and cooperate with different roles in the company.
  • Have the thought of Human-Centered Design. Not only care about what we do but also care more about the reasons for what we do.

It will be better if you have the following capabilities

  • Experienced in product management of various markets.
  • Experienced in building a MVP, from ideas to launch.
  • Have the thought of Human-Centered Design. Not only care about what we do but also care more about the reasons for what we do.
  • Be interested in startups, social networks, and technology products. Take Tech News as a part of daily life.

Why you should join us?

  • We are an enthusiastic team with a growth mindset and we are building up a fast-developing organization.
  • We develop interesting products in multiple fields and different markets, taking part in the creation of various new ideas, new products, or even new markets!
  • We have a company culture of high-frequent communication, and will discuss, cooperate and give feedback to each other.
  • Any learning resources like books, lectures, or domestic and international Conferences, can be accessed at any time, since the core spirit of Dcard team is to keep learning.
  • Our working atmosphere is flexible, which means you can adjust your work flexibly whether you are an engineer, operator, designer, or in other roles.
  • We treasure every moment that we gather together. We hold many parties and various sessions, online or offline, for everyone to enjoy the life in our team.


  • NTD 70,000 ~ 120,000/ month


  • If you think we have an opportunity to work together, jointly bringing Dcard to a higher stage, we will contact you as soon as possible!
  • The unsuitable interviewees may not receive further notice.

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