Datatron Technologies

What We Do

Datatron helps data scientists and engineers deploy their data science workflow into production. The platform manages and orchestrates all the steps from data ingestion and transformation, to model training and serving these models as scalable, fault-tolerant web services. We hope to free data scientists from writing more bash scripts or glue code and instead allow them to focus on feature and model building, thereby accelerating their development lifecycle.

We have offices in both San Francisco and Mountain View.

How We Interview And Hire

We begin with an introductory phone screen to help us learn more about you, and for you to learn more about our company and the position. If we both agree that you'd be a great fit for our company, we will proceed with a 1-hour technical screening with a senior engineer. Lastly, we will invite you for a half-day onsite interview before we make our final decision.

This entire process from the initial phone screen to the onsite should take no more than 2 weeks.

Current Job Openings


Data Scientist
South Bay