*Please note that this is a part-time, contract, remote position.

Are you an expert in Python? R? SQL? Spreadsheets? Data Engineering? Do you want to share your knowledge with over 4 million learners worldwide?


The demand is growing for educated, passionate data scientists - but the days of learning data science by passively consuming video lectures are over! Real learning takes place when a student’s hands are on the keyboard, writing code, working with data, and solving problems. If you agree and want to be part of the data science revolution, keep reading!


Who We Are: 

DataCamp is an innovative EdTech organization with an audience of over 4 million learners that’s helping to revolutionize the way people learn real-world data science and data fluency skills. Check us out at http://www.datacamp.com/create to learn more about how to get started! 


What We Do: 

We invite talented data professionals like yourself to join our community of Course Instructors and Project Creators to help expand our curriculum of real-world skills in Data Engineering, SQL, Google Sheets, Python, and more. No prior teaching experience is necessary, and our curriculum experts and content developers will help you every step of the way as you create a Course or Project. 


Why You Should Join Us: 

Scale your impact to a global audience
  • Share your knowledge with over 4,400,000 data scientists around the world.

Build your data science brand

  • Associate your name with the things you teach and cool stuff you’ve built.

Supplement or replace your income

  • While average monthly earnings per course are about $1,000, our top instructors are making over $150K per year in royalties.

Use data to improve your teaching

  • Learn from our data on how thousands of students engage with your content.


 Who We’re Looking For

Must Haves:

    • Talented data science industry professional skilled in either Python, R, SQL, or Sheets (or all of the above) 
    • Passionate about teaching data science and data fluency skills 
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

Would Love to See:

    • Previous education/teaching/training/mentoring experience 
    • Previous experience with Github and Jupyter notebook
    • Completed at least one full DataCamp course

What You Can Expect:

  • Prepaid royalties for the first several hundred completions upon Course Hard Launch
  • Instructors receive royalties as long as the course is live on the DataCamp website 
  • Time commitment: We recommend setting aside 10-15 hours per week for 12-16 weeks 
  • DataCamp Courses follow a standardized structure with approximately 4 chapters of material, with 3-4 lessons each chapter, interspersed with hands-on coding exercises
  • All courses are developed as part of larger skill and career tracks that are developed months in advance. As such, we only accept applications for courses currently on our wishlist. 

View our Course Wishlist here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iqtAIifjaSurddhSkg_hlf-VydL7L-I8ccUETgEu5Tw/edit?ts=5be06762#gid=1004049316


For any questions, please email create@datacamp.com 

Apply to become a DataCamp instructor today! 


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