Dashlane is a password manager and online security app for everyone who lives, works, and plays on the internet. With a simple, intuitive design and patented security technology, Dashlane keeps passwords, personal data, and payment info at users' fingertips, so they can stop guessing passwords and wasting time filling out forms. Dashlane has helped over 11 million users in 180 countries manage and secure their digital identities and has enabled over $17 billion in e-commerce transactions. Our team in New York and Paris is united by our passion for password security and the belief that our success is built on the diverse backgrounds of every member.

You will be based in Paris.

Dashlane is looking for a highly talented data engineer to join the Data team. Optimizing our data pipelines and data warehouses will be an essential part to helping our company scale in the coming years. You have several years of experience and a proven track record in building, deploying and keeping such applications up 24x7. You will work on a daily basis with your teammates in New York City.


At Dashlane you will:

  • Work on the development and maintenance of messaging services, BI tools, data warehouses
  • Implement custom ETL/ELT processes in distributed computing environments
  • Work on improving in-house tracking systems for all of our applications
  • Design and implement data pipelines capable of modeling data from many sources and store it in such a way that users can self-serve
  • Work on server applications and APIs that are used by our Data Team
  • Handle the challenges that come with managing terabytes of data
  • Develop automated reporting for API and system health (process, memory, response time)

We're looking for:

  • Having experience in architecting, implementing and testing data processing pipelines (e.g. Spark, Beam, ...) and data mining / data science algorithms either on-premise or on a cloud environment
  • Being used to developing and maintaining data ingestion processes, to keep applications in sync with partners
  • Having experience in administrating and ingesting data into standard data warehouses (e.g. Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server, Google BigQuery or Snowflake)
  • Being used to designing SQL tables, choosing indexes, tuning queries and understanding the intricacies required to optimize a table in different environments
  • Having strong experience in improving performance of queries, data jobs and scaling systems for exponential growth in data
  • Having experience with data lakes and expertise with designing and maintaining a BI solution
  • Have several years experience in software development
  • Being able to communicate and understand complex technical issues in English


  • Have prior knowledge of Python and Node.js
  • Enjoy writing clean code that is easy to maintain and understand
  • Have a security background

Diversity at Dashlane:

A true international company, founded in Paris and currently split between Paris, New York, and Lisbon, we thrive off diverse perspectives. We recognize that diversity has different aspects: gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnic origin, social background, age, lifestyle, and more. We're committed to hiring people that create a diverse community and foster a culture where everyone is heard and feels a sense of belonging.

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