Dandelion Energy

The way we heat and cool our homes is antiquated, dirty and dangerous. We take it for granted that we pump fossil fuels into our homes in order to keep them warm.  There is a better way. Spun out of Google X, Dandelion has developed a residential geothermal solution that is clean, safe, and affordable to the masses. Dandelion’s proprietary technology, world-class team, and access to capital gives it the advantage to dominate this huge market. 

In 30 years no one will pump fossil fuels into their house to heat their home. Dandelion is leading the way. 

Current Job Openings



Energy Sales Consultant
Remote - NY/MA/CT


Customer Support Representative
Remote - East Coast only
HVAC Installer
Mount Kisco, New York
Senior Driller - Residential Geothermal
New York (Greater Hudson Valley)
Warehouse Clerk
Marlborough, MA
Warehouse Clerk
Mount Kisco, NY